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  1. Ford Focus 2002 Ecu Fault

    They didn't say what fault code was, they said they contacted ford to find out pricing and then apparently they were supposed to come and collect the part to be sent off to find out exactly what was wrong with it but they never did so the garage called us back to pick up the car and he recommended us to sell it. Didn't hesitate on giving us a £300 labor bill though. Yea the car is in limp mode, only firing on 2 cylinders at the moment. I will defiantly get her to take it to a ford garage because they have the proper diagnostic machines and can give us some proper options. Do you thinks its still a good idea to be driving it around? she still goes to work and everything in it, I'm worried shes doing more damage to it.
  2. Ford Focus 2002 Ecu Fault

    Thank you, Yea i think the garage we took it to was a bit dodgy because they miss diagnosed my old Peugeot.
  3. Hi Everyone!!

    Hello, whats the c-max like? I just got a Fiesta and i love it!
  4. Hello everyone! my names Nadine and I picked up my new fiesta on the 12/8/13 and its so good to be back in a ford again!! I previously drove my mums focus 02 plate then bought a Peugeot 206 55 plate for its small engine but the head gasket clutch and radiator went within a year! I must have bought it from a dodgy dealers. I love the high quality interior of the fiesta, the way it drives, EVERYTHING!! Very happy!!! Really enjoying FOC as well, the forums are great help!
  5. Ford Sync Gone Wrong Within 1 Week!!

    Yep! took my boyfriends Audi to the dealership when it had a small dent in the door, just wanted to see what they would say, they told us it needed a whole new door!! what a joke!!
  6. Ford Focus 2002 Ecu Fault

    Hello all, My Mum has owned her ford focus from new and its a great little car. Recently the engine control unit has given up and the car wont go faster then 15 MPH. We took it down to a garage and were told it would cost £1,000 to get it fixed and re programmed but my uncle says you can buy one off ebay for £100 and then you just have to pay to get it programmed. He also said you could stick any ECU into the car but seeing as this controls so much like the air bags etc my mums worried that it may not be the best option to mess around with it. We are torn between getting rid of the car and getting the new focus or spending a lot of money on getting it fixed. The problem with fixing the car is that we don't know what else may go wrong seeing as it is so old now. Is there an easier fix to this ECU problem? should we buy one off ebay or should we just get rid of it and get the new focus? P.S shes still driving around in its current state!!! I'm worried and think she should just leave it alone until we decide what to with it.
  7. Ford Sync Gone Wrong Within 1 Week!!

    Thank you it worked! Its working perfectly again now, no idea why the dealership thinks it needs this whole new part.
  8. Ford Sync Gone Wrong Within 1 Week!!

    Thank you, are the fuses labeled? I read another post saying they its quite hard to see which one is which.
  9. Ford Sync Gone Wrong Within 1 Week!!

    No I haven't yet, will defiantly try that in the morning. I have no idea about all this new tech, didnt want to reset or disconnect anything without knowing what i was doing. My old car was a Peugeot which i hated and before that i had the old focus 2002 model, amazing car until the ECU went :'(
  10. Hello Everyone! I picked up my new fiesta on the 12th of august. The sync worked fine until my phone ran out of battery whilst i was calling someone, ever since then the sync will not connect with my phone again!! Every time i get in the car with bluetooth turned on the car just says in her mechanical voice "phone disconnected" I tried master reset and everything i could but no luck yet. I've been to the dealership and spent two hours waiting around whilst they took my phone and tried to find the problem. When i got fed up of waiting and asked where my car was they brought it round and told me they need to order a new part for it! Obviously my car is still under warranty but it makes me worry that more might go wrong with it. Does anyone know of this problem or an easier fix? i really don't want to have to leave my car with the dealership for a day when i work 7 days a week :(
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums RaceRedFiesta :)