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  1. Happy Birthday Foxy63!

  2. Ford Focus 1.6Tdci 57 110 Acting Strange

    The fuel filter doesn't need to bed in. The only thing I could suggest is don't use supermarket crap and don't let the tank run to low as you maybe getting some rubbish going through the fuel system. Try some redex diesel fuel treatment cos someone who owned it before you may have used supermarket crap. If not check to see if your model has a DPF filter if so it may need a clean.
  3. Ford 1.8 Tdci Good Or Bad?

    I've had different focus models 1.8petrol very pokey, 1.6 petrol that was good, 1.8 tdci 115 bhp sold it cos the dark grey was a devil to keep clean and showed all the marks was not good condition either. So brought another focus 1.8 tdci 115 bhp with low miles In silver as this doesn't show the marks and looks clean from a distance when dirty I've had it serviced in October 2013 my friend does it as he works at fords he says the 1.8 tdci is the better engine.You can't beat the comfort and it's very pokey.
  4. Hit By The Diesel Bug...

    I found using supermarket fuel hasn't got the same goodness as branded fuels . I use shell fuel save diesel and runs fine and it's quite And runs more smoothly. I also use redex diesel treatment every 2-3 months to keep the system clean.
  5. Focus Dab Radio....

    Try on amazon search dab car radio go to bottom of the page to a company called www.justconnectme.co.uk they do complete units for £179.99 fitted for all makes.
  6. Egr Valve Stuck

    I've got a focus 1.8 tdci 2006 when one morning it would not start then I called the AA and tried spraying Some liquid down the EGR inlet pipe and still nothing then he put a blanking plate in the EGR then it started . A new EGR valve is £450 but my friend (ford mechanic) came and had taken the EGR valve apart and it had seized up so the motor on the valve wasn't turning the valve so he was turning the valve manually with long nose pliers very gently which loosened it . So once cleaned he reassembled it took the blanking plate out cleaned the pipes and it started. Fords won't take this apart and clean it they would only fit a new valve costing a lot of money. I hope this helps any one with the same problem
  7. Cleaning Egr.

    It sounds to me that it could be the DPF filter is getting blocked that's if you have one fitted? If you have one fitted to your model then to clean it you need to drive your car down the motorway in a low gear with high revs. A new DPF filter is expensive or try and have it cleaned for you. I believe reading on the forum a while ago that you can have the DPF removed and remapped for around £200. I hope this info helps
  8. Weak Windscreen Washer Pressure

    I had a similar fault on my focus but on the rear window so took the fitting apart to check the pipe was connected which was ok but found that the pipe was kinked when the boot was closed so replaced the pipe and then worked fine. Hope this helps
  9. Software (Ecu) Updates And Do I Need It?

    About having ECU updates yearly I haven't heard this but the only update I had was when I had a recall for a cooling fan wiring replacement otherwise runs fine.
  10. My Tweeks

    They are stickers I got from a company on eBay they can write in different formats and colours .
  11. My Tweeks

    Just putting my mark on my focus tdci
  12. Just putting my own stamp on my focus tdci. MY TWEEKS
  13. I have the 2006 1.8 tdci on my purchase it was rough starting but had taken back to garage and two out of four glow plugs were dead so they fitted new ones then it had a recall for cooling fan wire loom replacement and while it was at fords the put it on a computer and did an update for me F.O.C so pleased with that. Now the only thing I can think of is it might need an update or being a lease car it may have had petrol rather than diesel in the tank which has to have the tank off to wash it out. It's happened many times before with people I have talked to so hope that helps. I have also been told by my mate (ford specialist) that they don't get air locks sorry don't know the tech name he gave it.