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  1. Bearing For Pretensioner Pulley

    i being looking around for a pre tensioner pulley - £120 + VAT .... was thinking could just replace the bearing and the belt as the pulley looks ok . Breakdown company said it is ok drive on but when it gives in all that will happen is lose power steering , battery light come on , and am to pull over asap , if could find bearing size was going get one tonight as no body has this item in stock for 2 days
  2. Good Afternoon Chaps , My car started to make a knocking noice on the bottom left hand side of the engine , having my breakdown company out he told me it is the bearing in the pulley that is on its way out . Googled everything possible to find out what size bearing it is , i would rather see if can find out what size it is instead of stripping it all down to remove it and have to look around for the bearing . It is confirmed that it is the fan belt pre tensioner pulley . ( Ford mondeo 2.0 Petrol Manual ) Thanks Dan :)
  3. Change Of Tyre Size

    Thanks for that , if i swap the front ill more that likely end up doing th back 2 aswell . if the tryes are wider , help me from curbing alloys , as just had them refurbed and sprayed .
  4. Hey guys , Thanks for all the information above , i rang my local ford dealer last week and asked about this part , same again they said there is no such part , when i gave them the part number they said it doesnt even show on there system , Could you give me the contact number of which branch you got this from , going try pull some strings and show the dealer round here how rubbish they are , Just to confirm will i need to update my system once i install this USB port , i have the convers+ system already in my 58 Mondeo titanuim . Cheers Dan
  5. Hello ford lovers !! i urgently need 2 new tyres on my car , they are currently 235/45/17 on my ford mondeo . i have being to my local garage where my mate works and he has some 245/45/17's in , would it be ok to swap the 2 front ones to 245 ? .. would this make the driving worse or better or the same ?
  6. Thanks for that information , :) Would i not need to update the softwear if i upgrate the headunit ? If not does that mean i could get the head unit with Sat nav and USB to replace the sony one i have got currently ?
  7. Hi , I have has this car since my 21st 2 years ago , i am fed up of having to plug my iphone in to charge and have the aux cable in , I rang Bristol Street ford today and asked them if there is any way i can have the USB port fitted into my glove box like all other ford's ...there answer was if it not there in the glove box now i can not have it fitted after car has left the factory . he says this is because of the wiring loom that is already in the car would have to be taken out and a new one put back in . is this true??? , is there anyway i can get it fitted so i can attach my iphone via a USB port , i have the Covers+ display already fitted in the car , when using the steering controls on the menu i have only got Aux at the bottom of my list ?? Thanks for helping Dan :)
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums Dizzy90 :)