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  1. 2006 1.6 Tdci Elecrical Fault

    I have allready too out the cluster and i cleaned the curuit board with a proper electrical cleaning fluid (the board was very dirty) i had no choice but take the car out today and it ran fine over 40 miles and never cut out which leads me to think cluster problem. I have also just found a post on the ask a ford engineer were someone had the same same problem and code and one engineer said hes seen a few and he changed the cluster and it sorted it,but another engineer give a different opinion. I dont think you can use a cluster from scrappy it has to match the ecu but ive found company who repair them with 1 day turn around for £135 so i think ill go down this route next week and report back with the results. Thanks for your help jeebowhite
  2. 2006 1.6 Tdci Elecrical Fault

    Well i just phoned ford to see if they can help but apparently they don't give out information for free lol the women on the desk told me we don't give out free information and that the codes dont mean any thing and i have to book it in. Nice to know ford like to help out there customers didn't want free information but surly i have a right to know if its something you can fix/herd off or even has been called back.
  3. 2006 1.6 Tdci Elecrical Fault

    Ok i got my obd reader and its showing code u0073-- Ctrl Mod Comm Bus Off ,i've had a look on the net and i've seen one person saying he has replaced a few clusters on these and its solved it ,and i've seen some people saying wiring to the ecu can be shot or ecu shot. ------ !Removed! this is sounding expensive :s Can anyone tell me were i can find the ecu? so i can check wires please,.
  4. 2006 1.6 Tdci Elecrical Fault

    Ok quick update when i took the cluster out i cleaned the circuit board and connectors with electrical cleaner took it out for a drive about 8 miles and it hasnt happend, I have phoned loads of garages ,auto electricians to day and none of them are sure what it is and im not paying out yet i get my obd11 reader tomorrow,but i did phone one company who repair clusters and they seem positive its the cluster and can send me a new one for about £130.(not sure if hes saying its cluster because he sells them or hes just right ?) i have also discovered (for any who don't already know ) you can get a few instrument cluster fault codes off the cluster by holding in the mileage reset button while turning ignition to position 2 ,mine did bring up 2 codes but i cant find any thing about them. I will keep updating this post in the hope i find out what the problem is and it helps out someone else one day.
  5. 2006 1.6 Tdci Elecrical Fault

    no i only got one key with the car
  6. 2006 1.6 Tdci Elecrical Fault

    ive read it can be a faulty cluster so i went to take it out and look for loose wires and guess what 2 small screw driver cracks on the cluster well looks like previous owner sold it for a reason
  7. 2006 1.6 Tdci Elecrical Fault

    ok so ive been out looking around the car and its starting up again.....very strange?
  8. 2006 1.6 Tdci Elecrical Fault

    Hello guys and girls so i have a problem with my car and im hopeing one of you good people can help me get to the bottom of the problem ,ive had the car about a month now and the car seemed good till a couple of days ago. I was driving at about 30mph and the car just cut out all the lights came on the dash and i lost all power, i pulled over and when i was trying to turn the car over nothing happened at all just all the lights were lit on the dash and the imobiliser light was flashing like crazy i couldnt get it started so i left the car and walked home. When i got home i did a bit of reading and learned about the imobiliser codes so went back to the car and looked at the flashes and it was code 16 after giveing the key a wiggle the car started right up again. Ive went out in the car yesterday and it cut out once but came stright back on ,then i took it out to day and it cut out for about 2 mins then came back on i got it home and now it wont start at all it doesnt even turn over which makes me think it has to be an electrical problem. The imobiliser is still giving the same code 16 which is some thing to do with faulty wireing from PATS to ECU ? im thinking of buying a cheap code reader will it show up a code that might give more detail ? has anyone ever had this problem before? Any help is gretly appreciated .
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums mojoegoonie :)