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  1. 1.8 Tdci Noise

    Hi all Definitely the water pump there is a lot of play in the pulley, how do I get the water pump pulley off with it on the engine I've tried loosening the bolts with the belt still on but the bolts won't budge, I've tried a wooden wedge to try and stop the pulley from turning but no joy, the Haynes manual also mentions removing the a engine mount, but due to limited clearances I cannot remove the mount from the engine block I can loosen it but cannot jig it about to get it clear as I need to get to the the bolts at the top of the pump which is behind the mount which you need clear to gain access, any ideas on these two issues would be appreciated. Regards Steve
  2. 1.8 Tdci Noise

    Hi All Found the problem, jacked the car, removed the plastic cover under the engine started the car & looked up from underneath & saw that the pulley at the top, right under the engine mounting was wobbling, I'm sure thats the water pump. Did as suggested in removing the belt, no bearing noise coming from the AC or Alternator. How hard is it to change the water pump? I know you have the take the engine mount off in order to get the to pulley, have i also got to remove the timing belt cover & belt, as I think as always they don't make these jobs easy, especially with the pulley being so close the the inner wing. Steve
  3. 1.8 Tdci Noise

    Hi John With the belt off there is no noises at all, when the belt is on the noise is constant and increases when the revs do and when is still present when driving. Regards Steve
  4. 1.8 Tdci Noise

    Hi to all Just joined the club, I have a query in regards to my 2009 1.8 TDCI Focus with only 45,000 mls, I have two noises from the engine bay, I suspected the aux belt tensioner & idler pulley, so changed both the tensioner & idler pulley but the noises are still there. One noise is sort of a rumble like a bearings given up the ghost, the other is a sort of it's hard to say whether it's a squeal, a sucking sound or again a bearing. However when I took the aux belt off & started the car no noises at all, hence the replacments stated above. I can only think it might be the alternator, the AC or water pump. Is there an easy way to diagnose these without replacing all the parts unnecessarily. There is no change in noise when the car has all the electronic accessories switched on & no change when the air con is switched on which is working fine as the pipes cool almost immediately. Any help would be appreciated. Regards Steve
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums SCLAY1971 :)