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  1. New Fiesta 2014

    Ups! Ken Block! :P
  2. New Fiesta 2014

    oO ' So you cheat very well!!! LoL Here we see news about financial crises in Europe etc ... but anyone who travels out of Brazil have the same opinion ... here is wonderful and all they miss... but it's revolting to see how we are robbed and we're late...
  3. New Fiesta 2014

    Thanks Dan! I believe that the cost of living must be expensive right there, do not doubt it, taxes are expensive but you must return! Brazil is a great place, but the taxes are too high without any return. Public hospitals are crowded, no doctors and no equipment, people die at the reception. Public schools are a joke. There is a street without a single hole. Several places even have basic sanitation! The police gets so little that it is not worth risking and criminals do what they want ... Overpay and get feedback, health, safety ... okay Overpay and have in return only corruption is the problem ... But ... let's talk about cars ... anyway ... at least distract the problems!
  4. New Fiesta 2014

    And Diesel here only in Trucks/Bus ¬¬
  5. New Fiesta 2014

    No Nicolas =/ Ecoboost here just at Fusion... No chance for the Fiesta... At Fiesta, only the Motor Sigma Ti-VCT 16V, now with dual variable valve timing, on versions 1.5L (110hp with ethanol) and 1.6L (130cv with ethanol).
  6. New Fiesta 2014

    This is true ... unfortunately here in Brazil about 40% of the car is only tax. In some cases reaches 60%!Here we create taxes up to pay taxes! lol Not to mention that the automakers really cheapen production costs, delivering cars would not be accepted in crash tests anywhere else in the world. The finishes are impoverished, the car turns around plastic and serie items are sold as optional... Until a year ago Airbag and ABS were not mandatory and were sold as optional!Thx Terry!
  7. New Fiesta 2014

    New Ups!
  8. New Fiesta 2014

    Hello Gary But there is used another engine.. right? Here is the same Sigma but with dual variable valve. Here we haven't the Ecoboost... =/ I took a picture of the back now over lunch ...
  9. New Fiesta 2014

  10. New Fiesta 2014

    Hello!!! My name is Rafael, I'm 25 years old and I'm from São Paulo, Brazil. Last Thursday I bought my new 2014 Fiesta and am very happy with the car so far. Previously I had a VW Fox iMotion, and participated in a club full of information. Unfortunately, here I doesn't found a interesting club for New Fiesta, so I hope to share information here ... As I'm in the car a few days, I'm making changes slowly. For now I have changed the wheels and LEDs in general lighting. This is the 2014 version manufactured in Brazil. Is the "SE Manual" version, one below the most complete (Titanium). The SE has only two airbags, while the Titanium has 7. I found a lot of complaints about the automatic version, the PowerShift, so I ended up with the manual. At this point, I miss the butterflies on the wheel (do not know the correct translation) from my previous car (VW Fox iMotion) This version came with rims 15", but they were very ugly. The Titanium comes with rim 16", but they are not very pretty. He has a "Sigma 1.6 16V" engine with dual variable valve timing, reaching 130 hp with ethanol. I was surprised by his strength, especially above 4000rpm. The pre-cut at 4000rpm and traction control work very well together. The digital air conditioning is also very efficient. Unfortunately, the paint is a little bad. It seems to be done in a hurry, so if you pay attention, there are defects. Other than that I have nothing to complain about. The finish is very good, but lost the Mexican version of the rubberized panel. Despite the suspension a bit hard, the car is very comfortable, and for a sport drive is very stable. Inside is one of the quietest I drove. The soundproofing is very well designed. I put a filter sports, and the engine sound is great! I'll make a video on YouTube after showing. As the government and the taxes here are ridiculous and absurd, this version (Manual SE) costs R$46.300 BRZ, about US $20.130. The most complete (Titanium PowerShift) costs R$56.000, about US $24.500. Sorry for the typos ... Blaming the Google translator! lol :P
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums RafaZ :)