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  1. Help With New Boot Please

    I dunno to be honest a good solid base to start, get the right bonnet then i know what kits will look good on the skirts and bumpers, insted of putting the kits on then struggling to find the right bonnet and ruin the whole thing, Any one got any suggestions?
  2. Help With New Boot Please

    Or any one have any ideas on a bonnet that suits the fiesta? looking to do a project and i dunno where to start i thought bonnet lol
  3. Hi Ya'll Would a Ford Puma bonnet fit onto a fiesta mk5, without any time consuming alterations?
  4. Good Evening, Just registered to this great club been standing on the touchlines for a few weeks reading various forums, firstly am 23, male (yes i do realise its not a dating site but decided to say it anyways), From Preston in the great rose county of Lancashire, only been driving for around 7 months, first drive (when i passed my test) was a 2003 fiat punto my missus car, but since then i been driving around in a ford (obviously) When i first got this little car i though "ooo no a fiesta gunna look like a right dooch" not exactly cool or no muscle under the hood to make up for it, and the knocks and bangs all over, but for a first car its cheap enough and it wont harm the insurance fund either, just keep a hat on and cover up so no one could see me driving it, I COULDNT BE MORE WRONG!!! i may get a few laughs when i describe it but its the most fun to drive little run around i have ever known, FORD FIESTA 1.25 DURATECH, 2001, MK5, what an absolute beauty it is.....please spare the jokes......it may not be the most pleasing to the eye or even thrilling to the joy riders, but this is what i like a plucky little under dog, Gear Changes are amazing feels so smooth and it floats into all the gears although its over in seconds (again spare the jokes please) with the size of the engine its still so good, the little tight corners it can get around, the acceleration is alright for the size of engine again, Its keeps me warm, it keeps me dry, its keeps me entertained when at any minute up a steep hill it could just through in the towel but the joy i get when it makes it over the brow, the car has some scrapes but everyone loves a good old war hero and this car has some stories to tell, if only i knew them my self to share with you fine people. AND NOT LOOKED BACK SINCE!!!! am Proud to say..... THATS MY FORD
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums imp360 :)