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  1. Losing Coolant.. Please Help :(

    Unfortunatly it will be another st engine going in.. lee from devil devolpments is in line to do the work hopefully and is in talks with the the guy who is paying for the repair about doing the block mod. As im not paying for the new engine it might be a tall ask to spend double the money on an rs engine as i have already put this to devil devolpments. Ill do a bit of hunting around tho and see what i can come up with
  2. Losing Coolant.. Please Help :(

    I used a company called "autoguard" everrhhing sounded great.. untill i needed to use them.. in the small print was a limit. I could use it as many times as i liked up to the value of the car but.. a £500 limit!! That would have been great untill my car bill was just over £2000. Still.. £500 is £500.
  3. Losing Coolant.. Please Help :(

    Yeah thank god it is going to be paid for.. normally they aren't worth the paper they are written on. Never mind its happened now and there isnt alot i can do about it except wait for it to be fixed. Thank you for your input peeps :)
  4. Losing Coolant.. Please Help :(

    Just an update.. Took the car to the garage.. cracked head gasket or liner!! Took it back to the garage i purchased the car from.. he spoke to a specialist and its more likely to be the liner which means a rebuild or new engine.. luckily i got a warrenty for the car and everything will be paid for. Its a pain in the butt as im supposed to be on a stand at trax next week.. Dan.. thank you for your input. Was very much appreciated.
  5. Losing Coolant.. Please Help :(

    Hi dan. Thank you for the advice :) i hope it is the water pump.. it will be the cheaper and easier fix compared to gasket or turbo. Do you know if he had any loss in power? Thanks again
  6. Hi guys. Can somone help me please? I have a 06 wr330.. fully modified. I am losing coolant by the litre load.. approx 1.5 litres every trip. There are no visable signs of leaks anywhere.. completly bone dry. I can fill the header tank up to max and leave the car running for a good half an hour with no water loss but go 20 mins down the road and it will nearly be empty. There is no overheating unless i really drive it hard but the needle will only rise for a couple of seconds then drop to normal. It seems to be boosting ok except for 2nd.. but because of the exhaust system the management light comes on with a faulty lambda sensor so im wondering if its entered a safe mode? I have read about cracked liners..cracked turbos.. hoses.. faulty rad units etc. I really dont know where to start as there are so many options. Can anyone point me in the right direction.. if they could i would be eternely grateful. Thanks guys :)
  7. 20130817 101203

  8. 20130817 101144

    St3 wr330.. Wolf bigger turbo Wolf intercooler Wolf induction kit Wolf full cat back exhaust Bigger injectors Code red re map
  9. Meet In Hampshire?? :)

    Hi peeps New to the forum and just got a st. Ill be good for a meet in southampton.. im near petersfield.
  10. Hello to all.. I have just treated myself to a 06 focus St-3 wr330 :) I have had no luck with cars in the past so hopefully this one will treat me well and reverse the bad luck of my love for cars. This is my 1st ford and my first post.. so hi to all.
  11. Welcome to the Ford forums St-3 Wr330 :)