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  1. 2009 Fiesta Zetec Electrical Problem?

    As promised, I said I would come back if the problem returned. Yesterday (so about three weeks after my original post), the problem returned as described above. When I spoke to the garage that sold me the car, they suggested the fuse trick in the mean time (unprompted, I hadn't mentioned at that point about the fuse, so they clearly do this fix a lot) and then said that "the on/off switch for the radio must be playing up" and that they would replace it for me. Will let you know later whether this fixes it permanently.
  2. 2009 Fiesta Zetec Electrical Problem?

    Hi, I had exactly the same problem as Samster12 first posted. Every symptom described, right down to where the clock was freezing and then not updating to the correct time until I turned the ignition on again. I found the advice PollyP mentioned (which involved pulling out and then reinserting the 7.5 amp fuse (#20) for the multi-function display). I followed the advice - the fuse was out of its holder for about 5-10 seconds. On pulling the fuse out, the screen and keypad finally went off and then when I inserted it again, it started working properly. I can't say for how long this will fix the problem (I only did this about an hour ago!) but I will keep this forum in mind and feedback if it fails again.
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums 87lions :)