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  1. fusion engine cover

    My 2004 1.6 Petrol Automatic doesn't have one. Ray
  2. Fusion 1.6 Automaic

    Probobly this reply is now a bit late but I have a Fusion 1.6 2004 Automatic. Its great, never let me down in the two years I have had it. Having said that I have replaced the battery and water pump. Its done 50000 miles. Its only downside for me is the 33mpg. Ray
  3. Hello Jayne. This is my first automatic, it made life interesting taking it for a test drive. I had to pull out of the showroom into a busy high street against the traffic so I was a bit apprehensive. It was no problem. In fact my partner, who is a well known wimp when it comes to driving anything other than a Ford Fiesta, says she enjoys driving it. I have found it hard to find specific information about the auto boxes but I did read a few years ago that modern auto boxes are no more unreliable than manual boxes. Hope that helps. Ray
  4. Hi, I brought a 2004 Fusion with a 1.6 petrol engine and automatic box back in August 2013. Its my first automatic and its great. It has four gears and I enjoy driving it. It had not done a huge mileage at 54,000 and I have only added another 8000. But the auto box has never given me cause for concern. The auto box's oil still looks new. If it hadn't I would have done an oil change. Eighteen months ago it cost me £3000. Your probobly aware of a 1.6 engines only drawback, its crummy mpg. Best wishes, Ray
  5. Snapped Cambelt

    Sorry to hear about the mishap. I cant help with the heat shield (I had a similar problem a couple of year back) but do you know what prompted the breakage? It looks like your Fusion is 10 years old, had it done a lot of miles? Best wishes, Ray
  6. Wheelbase Setback

    Hi. I have just brought a Fusion 2004 Automatic. Despite all efforts over the last 10 days I cant find anything wrong with it. It drives fine, it goes in a straight line even when braking hard with my hands off the wheel. I can find no evidence of accident repairs. A brother-in-law then suggested measuring the wheelbase both sides. We found that there was a 5mm difference. Checking my old Fiesta that also had a 5mm diiference. Having had that from new I know that it has never been involved in an accident. Another later Fiestas I checked had identical measurements. Apparently this difference is called "setback". Does anyone have any knowledge of this setback thing? Even better has anyone actually measured their Fusion wheelbase and seen any difference? Thanks, Ray
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums rayleask :)