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  1. Happy Birthday Hjalle!

  2. That is a fair point James, the reason I am looking at the 1.8 Flexifuel is because it is what 8/10 Focus estates are on the second hand market in Sweden. The Mondeo sounds like a risky buy unless I can find one with swapped injectors and I have never found a comfortable seating position in a Focus. I guess I'll just need to keep looking for something else. Thanks for the advice though
  3. Ohh that's definitely a cost I want to avoid! Maybe id be better to go for a focus Do you know anything about the 1.8 Flexifuel? I've got the 1.6 duratec in my Fiesta but I think it would be less great in a Focus due to the added weight Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC mobile app
  4. They injectors dont sound like a fun repair! Should they have been changed and is that included the standard service? At the moment i travel about 600-700km a week, but when I move to Sweden uni will be much closer so it will only be local trips on a weekly basis and then a few longer trips to like the Alps, Germany and around Sweden
  5. I am in the same situation now as hhhugues was 3 years ago. I am moving to Sweden from Australia for 18months and want an estate to throw junk and friends in for the road trips I plan to have. I am looking at either a 04/05 Moneeo 2.0 or 05/06 Focus 1.8 Flexifuel both with 150,000-200,000km on the clock. The mission for the car is to be as trouble free and cheap as possible before I get rid of it. Which would be best on petrol? How did you go with the Mondeo? Is it still the pick or am I better to look at a Focus?
  6. Hi Guys I currently have an 06 Mk6.5 Fiesta and love it. I am moving to Sweden from Australia in July though and need to buy a new car over there. As much as I love my Fiesta, it is missing some bigger car features like cruise (pretty much the only thing I want) so I thought an upsize would be a good idea. Plus in Sweden I seem to be able to get a newer Focus for less money than a Fiesta - go figure? Anyway is there anything I should look out for when buying a mk2? I am specifically looking at something like a a 1.8 Flexifuel, good engine? I currently have a 1.6 in my Fiesta and it pulls well,can i expect that from a 1.8 flex? Ps. I was recommended to buy an Asian like a Toyota, Honda or Mazda for reliability and minimal rust reasons but they just don't do it for me, am I right in thinking a Focus will be just as reliable but more fun? Cheers for any input
  7. So lately I've noticed I have a sort of rubber squeak coming from my engine. I drive a mk6.5 with a 1.6 litre 4 cylinder petrol, that has done 140,000km/ 87,000miles with regular services completed. Im pretty sure at the next service I need a new cam belt according to the handbook. Here is a video (you might need to turn your sound up), sorry it was dark when I got out of the gym but the noise seemed to get strongest when I held my phone by the driver side wheel which is what I did towards the end. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXlK38cn-OM&feature=youtu.be Any ideas on how to fix it? Cheers
  8. Great comparison Dave! Proved for a much better read than my Commercial Law text book How have you found the quality of the interior of the new ST compared to the old? When I get out of my normal mk6.5 and into my friends normal 7, I just feel that the plastics aren't as nice for some reason. They just feel a bit flimsier. Maybe it is just our shoddy Thai built versions in Australia and we were lucky enough to get German built 6.5's. And as you said the simplicity of the 6.5's interior is nice. Even 7 years down the track I still find it a nice place to be.
  9. So today I filled my mk6.5 1.6litre Ford Fiesta up to the brim like I normally do. I was pleasantly surprised when my trip computer gave me a range or 595km! That's the best it's ever been. I normally get between 530-560km. I don't know what I've done but it sure out a smile on my face. My question to you is, what is the best readout you have seen in your Fiesta? Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC mobile app
  10. What do you mean, what size should you be looking for? You want an alloys with a PCD of 4x108 so that the studs fit into the alloys. You can easily fit, 15, 16, 17 inch alloys on your Fiesta. The first two with tyres with a 195 and the latter with a 205 tire width. Side walls can always be changed by going for a lower profile tire if they come with the wrong one. If you are buying genuine Fiesta alloys it should just be to bolt them on with a balance and you should be on your way, it gets more complex when you go for after market ones because then you need to look at offset, centre hole size and quality (some aftermarket have been known to snap due to bad quality). What is it you are thinking of getting?
  11. The 45 referring to the side wall of the tyre and has nothing to do with the alloy Buy them and just buy a 205/40/17 tires and you should be fine, thats the size the stock 17' alloy comes with as mat said. I've read that the steering rack limiter is optional but it is like 7 pounds. What are you currently running? Just make sure you check the speedo error difference on a new alloy size website and adjust your speed as such it is recommended not to go above 5% difference in error though
  12. Detango is easy, all you do is buy clear lenses for the car and replace the bulb with one that flashes orange (I'd suggest going for a white bulb that flashes orange instead of the orange ones). Simplest mod but makes a huge difference I would buy alloys before the bumper and spoiler, I think am ST bumper and spoiler with hubs would look a bit funny Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC mobile app
  13. I agree with the posts above about detango and some alloys, personally I think genuine Ford ones always look best. Maybe see if you can get some colour coded front and rear bumpers, I think that will make a big improvement
  14. I've seen one car manufacturer has a piece that fits in the cupholder and it has a rubber slit in the top to slide your phone into Kind of like a coffee cup with a rubber lid with a slit the size of your phone I haven't yet found one and as I forgot the car maker I haven't been able to buy one but I thought it is a good solution instead of the throw my phone on the empty passenger seat I currently go for Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC mobile app
  15. I went from the 195-50-15 to a 195-45-16 in my 1.6 and I haven't had any power problems. I didn't even notice a difference so you should be fine with the 205-40-17, as stated above they are all practically the same diameter. Just remember that there will be a slight change in your speedo error. I think mine decreased by 1km/h so if you accommodate for speedo error when you drive just remember to factor that in. Plus take a photo before you swap the alloys, it means you can have a little comparison photo. Its one of the things I wish I did so I could keep a track of all my little changes