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  1. InKontrol

    Strange EGR Problems mk2.5 1.6 TDCI

    I found this over at the RAC forums:- Last EGR solenoid valve adaption. Indicates if the upper stop of the motor has been learnt.First EGR solenoid valve adaption. Indicates if the lower stop of the motor has been learnt. Sounds like the EGR valve learning process isn't completing fully for whatever reason. More info here:-
  2. InKontrol

    Slow To Boost At Wot

    Evening all, I've had this problem for a while now and adapted my driving style to it, however I think now's the time to attack it. It was particularly present when exiting a roundabout in 3rd gear, at which point I put my foot down to a WOT condition and the turbo took a while to pick up. I believe it's normally around about 2000rpm when the thing kicks in but it kept waiting and waiting and waiting until around 2800rpm and I finally got the surge. I believe the turbo is working properly from 2000rpm but it always seems to have that extra push just before 3000rpm. The odd thing is if I push the throttle open partially then the turbo is more effective at spooling up, rather than mashing the floor but that creates a weird feeling in that to get the most power of it you have to be a !Removed! on the throttle. An EGR blanking plate was fitted not so long ago but the problem was there before then, so I don't believe it's got anything to do with it. The engine is the dreaded french trash 1.6TDCi.
  3. As above I'd replace the fuel filter. This happened to me in Perth last year on a hill of all places, the car went in to limp mode so badly that having my nan push the car would've been quicker. If I was to rev the engine to 3000rpm then it would trigger the limp home mode, and the garage explained that the engine management detected a lack of fuel pressure as a result of a clogged fuel filter which put it in to limp mode.
  4. InKontrol

    Drl Wiring

    I noticed when changing a light bulb once that the holder where the bulb plugged in to had two small black wires coming off it that went to no where. Any ideas as to what they were for? If they're the feed for the side lights then that's a good thing. :)
  5. InKontrol

    Drl Wiring

    It's becoming apparent that more and more road users are completely oblivious to other traffic, and for that reason I'm considering fitting DRL's to my car. I've read Lenny's guide on fitting them and it mentions about hooking up one of the wire's to the feed of the side light bulb. What method of 'connecting' would be best that is the least damaging to the original factory wiring? I don't want to have to whip out a soldering iron.
  6. Watch Dog it, I feel that's your only way of getting an engineer sent out to your dealer. At the moment it seems that Ford don't give a flying !Removed!, however if you Watch Dog it then maybe that'll hurt them enough to warrant action. I cannot believe how this is being handled considering it's a brand new car. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  7. InKontrol

    Egr & Mot

    Good news then. My exhaust is squeaky clean, i.e. when I start it I don't get plumes of smoke flowing out of the exhaust, and sometimes it spends quite a lot of time on the motorway so the DPF should be relatively clean too (64,000 miles).
  8. InKontrol

    Egr & Mot

    I'm getting conflicting information on the internet at the moment. I blanked the EGR off last night and was wondering if it would cause an MOT failure? No engine management light has come on since fitting it. Model Year: 2011 Engine: 1.6TDCI DV6 Euro 5
  9. I wonder if it's the heatshield circled in red... It looks like that is at the back nearest the firewall so might be a pig to get to.
  10. You would've thought that Ford would be taking this seriously considering that could be anything that's making the noise, with potential for lots of damage if it does go pop. Take it to Watchdog or go to the newspapers, that way you might actually get somewhere. In all honesty I personally think that an engineer should be sent from Dunton to take a look at your engine.
  11. Might be worth dropping this dude a message and a link to the video:- He certainly knows his !Removed! so might be able to tell you what it is. He used to work for a Ford dealer but then went his own way. Not even sure the 1.5 is available in America considering they're always running big engines over there.
  12. Any chance of posting a video of this rattle sound that you have please? :)
  13. InKontrol

    1.6 Tdci Inlet Manifold Removal And Cleaning

    It looks like a valve of some sort to me.
  14. You would have thought this design fault should have been picked up during development/testing of the engine/car... I'm sure bean counters were involved in this decision somewhere along the line, rather than the engineers.
  15. That's a bit gash on a brand new car, unless you've done 150,000 miles since you bought it but I doubt that. :P Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC