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  1. Heated Windscreen Partially Working

    I think my local garage 'reset' the electrics on my SMax and it cured my 50-50 heated screen problem, that was free too. I believe you can do it yourself with the key and ignition but you'd need to ask on here if they know how?
  2. Is A Parcel Shelf Standard

    Certainly true! Luckily I traded my old SMax for new and told the garage I'd be keeping my old one for my new car despite them complaining that they were taking a car off me without the extras - tough, they should have thought of that when selling a new version without one! All I got was a free 'apple catcher'
  3. Fuel Filler Flap

    Same has happened to me but no fuel has been taken. The flap floats in the breeze and is stuck in place with tape. Is it easy to replace/repair??
  4. Zetec Or Titanium

    Yep - I still look at the Titaniums in envy whilst in my Zetec but I can't justify the extra money even if cruise control is nice to have!
  5. Handbrake Not Holding

    Ford Customer Services have been great to me in the past so I too can recommend a call. You may know this already but you should always apply the handbrake on the S-Max when your foot is firmly planted on the brake. This reduces the tension you apply to the handbrake as it just 'takes over' from your foot and also means that if you are holding the car on the hill on the footbrake the handbrake must be ok. If you do this already and this still happens take a look at the discs and where the pad assembly is, it may be that a foreign object has firmly planted itself between pad and disc so as not to form a good brake seal (it could be even be grease as suggested) Good luck
  6. Tailgate Won't Open

    Same has happened to me on a number of times. I used to bump the car down a curb which then released the catch but it failed to do that on the last ocassion so like the rest of you I dived in the back and smacked the lock with a blunt object and 'hey presto' the boot opened. I used motorcyle chain wax and it has been great ever since. It must just get dry and dusty in the lock and jam. I did call Ford and they wanted £100+ to fix it!!
  7. Zetec Or Titanium

    Hi, I am contemplating the very same. I have done a shed load of research and the Zetec proves value for money. The chrome, cruise control etc is a nice to have rather than what you need to drive a superb car. I bought a 57 plate and have had no regrets. It has been a fabulous car hence I am getting a new one. I have looked at the titanium and agree it is a fabulous looking car but it may just attract a little too much attention! I am off to Ford at 5pm today to hopefully stick my name on a new contract for a Zetec!!
  8. S-Max Rear Lights

    I have a 57 SMax that has been an excellent investment. Despite the usual problems of dodgy alarm etc, I now have a tail light that has become defective. It is the tail-light on the tailgate cluster that does not work. The bulb is ok I have had that checked out. Unfortunately the in-car manual is of little use and the Ford garage gave me a telephone number that charges £1 a minute so I skipped that idea. Is there a separate fuse for the tail-light clusters and are there individual fuses for each individual light? I doubt that but I would not rule it out? Any one able to help please rather than going to the Ford garage once more?
  9. Searching for alarm fuse

    I finally had my car looked at despite the rant to my local dealer. I did however make a verbal complaint to Ford Head Office and by jove things began to move pretty fast . If the car could not be fixed I was going to be supplied witha hire care and Ford have continually followed up every aspect of my complaint and called me serevarl times since to make sure I am content with the repair - it went in twice in the end as they had not reset the warning lnotices so my power steering had a ghost malfunction! Ford repaired and replaced free of charge with lots of humble pie thrown in for good measure. So worth pursuing Ford Head Office people for a resolution and they must have kicked some butt at my local Ford dealer too!! Happy days - for now
  10. Freaky Window Problem!

    My windows did the same thing without the little people taking my key. I took it in to the dealer who knew about the fault and told me my engine management system needed resetting - this was done and hey presto the windows obey the controls - although they have opened immediately after re-openeing but I am told that is a sfety feature of the windows so your little pinky does not get trapped. ;) Driving at speed while operating this may make it do this as the window does not locate in the runners properly while the wind is buffering the glass.
  11. Searching for alarm fuse

    My 07 SMAX started the wipers all by itself on double fast speed in the middle of the day in the local highstreet with no rain in sight! Then as I parked up to see what the problem was (ignition off and wipers still frantic) the alarm triggered - not good in town as you can imagine! :o Finally got home, wipers going, alarm singing to the neighbours and I'm starting to get a little annoyed. Pulled the fuse out to stop the wipers (not like it is shown in the book - that has either not been updated or a chimp wrote the manual) alarm now silent until at 8pm the car starts singing again. RAC called for advice - I can disconnect the battery but don't reconnect it as the engine managment system will not allow the car to start. As FORD refused to collect it the neighbours had to suffer. A week later the car still can't be called in to FORD as according to them 'we don't know what to do - but it's a known fault and we forgot to recall your car'. Sooooooo helpful-not. Since then the hazard lights have been going, the car wont lock, I've had a steering malfunction, messages on my screen saying that the alarm needs a service, the windows open and close without being anywhere near the vehicle, the boot wont close and the indicators have malfunctioned. I'm not looking forward to my 10 mile drive tomorrow in the snow to my local dealer. Tip - report this to Ford Customer Services on the main FORD site. Very helpful chap tells me that this should all be covered under Warranty and Ford will pay. Depending on length of time in the garage they'll cough up for a hire car too. Also as my wipers have stripped the rubber off they'll replace those. Any attributable fault to the original Manufacturers fault will be renewed under their terms of proxy to the original fault - worth knowing. A copy of their full terms and conditions are worth a read. Selling you a dodgy car is potentially illegal!! Other than that the car has been fine........Happy motoring SMAX owners!!