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  1. Hi everyone, I'm new here, having bought my first ever Ford, a dark grey ST170 with black Recaro leather and dark 17" alloys. Unfortunately having come from a modified, super-reliable and super-aggressive Peugeot 307 HDi, I'm not very impressed with my Focus! The car is having a few problems. It stammers around 2000rpm in any gear, occasionally on a bad day the power delivery is very jerky and the power cuts out if I take a hard corner. This has been diagnosed as a faulty swirl pot. I am being told by the garage (JP Autotechnics in Whiston, Sheffield) that I need a new fuel tank for £300.00. I just had a quote for a brand new fuel tank for £38.00 delivered inc VAT! However this is from RA Motors, who advised me to check whether I also need to buy a new fuel pump as they said the swirl pot is part of the fuel pump. According to the garage there is nothing at all wrong with my fuel pump, they implied that the swirl pot is part of the fuel tank so I would need a new tank. Can anyone help?
  2. Welcome to the Ford forums NoPoet :)