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  1. Front Splitter

    Thanks, I will have a look into it today :D
  2. Front Splitter

    Hello, Having recently installed a mk2 focus ST front bumper onto my ford, could anyone on the forum recommend me a front splitter to put on? Please and Thanks Darren
  3. i am the owner of a mk2 focus 1.6 zetec (pre-facelift) petrol, 100bhp could anyone possibly inform me into ways that i could increase the power of the car, all options welcommed
  4. Ford Focus St Bumpers.

    As far as i am aware for the front bumper you will have to get the grilles and fog mounts but the bumper itself will fit straight on, as for the rear i wouldnt be too sure but it prob should fit straight on
  5. Side Skirts

    I have purchased mk2 focus pre facelift st front bumper and rear bumper but my car is a 5 door zetec and would need a side skirt that fits onto a 5 door, can someone help me out and possibly link me to one that is for sale on the internet
  6. Hids Help

    hello, i am looking to put a full HID kit(side, dip & main beam) into my mk2 focus, can someone help me out by telling me what bulb size i need or even linking me to a set that are for sale on ebay/amazon etc
  7. Exhaust Opinions

    well Gary, focus looks mint! no pics as such yet of the car but there will be whenever I get things done on it, im new to the whole modifying car thing, that's why I've been posting so much, first car and don't wanna balls it up lol, I haven't ordered an st rear bumper yet because I wasn't too sure how the exhaust system would change. But basically the plan for the car is to black it out (stealth look), getting the windows and rear lights tinted soon, doing all the small bits first then, fit the bumpers, wheels and exhaust
  8. Exhaust Opinions

    Cheers Lenny, i have a 1.6 petrol engine, if you dont mind me asking how much did yours cost? Btw your focus is looking really well
  9. Exhaust Opinions

    I have recently fitted an st bodykit onto my focus and I would like like to know peoples opinions and recommendations as to which exhaust system gives the nicest yet loudest noise. all advice is greatly appreciated
  10. Bumpers

    Yeaa, see i own a pre facelift model but wasnt too sure whether the dimensions of back would have changed
  11. Bumpers

    was just wondering would a mk2 focus rs rear bumper fit onto any type of mk2 focus?
  12. Hey, I have recently purchased a 07 1.6 zetec focus and am looking to make modifications to it. I am new to this whole modification thing and would like to ask other users for their opinions and advice. I am currently trying to buy an st bodykit, so the next thing I would like to buy is a nice set of rims, could I ask for users' opinions on what type of rims I should buy? eventually I want to enhance the performance of the car and would like to know how and what parts I would need to buy in order to get boost from the car? any form of help is much appreciated
  13. thanks lads for the info, much appreciated
  14. just bought my first car 07 ford focus 1.6 zetec and am wondering if I would be able to fit st bumpers straight on or would there be issues with wheel arches etc?
  15. Welcome to the Ford forums DarrenW94 :)