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  1. Start Up Rattle

    Ok second garage consulted and they say valve train oil buckets all 16 need replacing the engine is not holding oil at the top. The car has hydraulic tappets.... The first garage said no it hasn`t, I`m getting confused but had engine flush and new oil change semi synthetic this time and will see what happens Can anyone tell me how I can tell if I have shimmed or hydraulic and buckets! whatever they are
  2. Start Up Rattle

    the garage say yes early but half the engine will be exposed when they change vvt bits so why not if I intend to keep the car they are usually ok for cam belts for 10yrs? and higher mileage, its a call on the day.
  3. Start Up Rattle

    Its only on start up, drives perfect, the latest is it is apparently one of 4 parts together costing just under £300 thats the VVT solenoids x 2 or the 2 bits they control, theres no way of testing according to ford so its replace all four at the same time, I`m told its a common fault, with 40000mls and 6yrs old they`re also suggesting a cam belt as well, a nice little bill to pay!!!!
  4. I have a ford focus petrol 06 plated with 40000mls on clock. suddenly and intermittently it now starts a short rattle on start up like machine gun burst, it doesn't do it every time, and varies when either hot or cold, I`ve had oil change fully synthetic after it started so I know it isn`t oil problem as it was doing it before but it is apparently valve train top end and a local mechanic has suggested VVT set up which sounds expensive when he talks about pricing up the job!!!! Anyone know any known probs or is it just a shell out money time.
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums glenwood :)