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  1. Will do mate I'm gonna see how it goes for a couple of days and if it does it again I'll try one last hard drive and see what happens
  2. Car wouldn't rev past 2k after going shop,so limped home and plugged my obd reader in and came up saying dpf sensor a, so took it on a hard drive for about an hour after half hour I cleared the code and give more stick and it seemed ok again, cars done 108000 now on original filter and this last month or so, I've only been doing a few mile trips to work as I've moved, and to lazy to walk lol, so I'm hoping I've cleared it again but now I'm thinking of having a dpf delete done, has anybody else done this and has there's been ok, cars a 2.0tdci focus 07, cheers chaps
  3. Mines started this today and my obd reader said dpf, mines same engine as yours
  4. Can Some One Tell Me?

    I was thinking if it does go of drilling a few holes though it, a mate of mine did a manual regen not long ago and rest the counter on it back to 0 as when they start racking up the miles it starts acting up due to the ecu reading the amount of miles on it, it has done 107000 miles tho.
  5. Can Some One Tell Me?

    Cool ive just read that its not so good if you have a dpf is that right
  6. Does The Mk2 2.0 Tdci Have Fuel Pump

    Ahhhh cheers for that mate
  7. Cambelt 32K Miles

    I know that the focus 2.0 tdci is 125000 or 10 yrs
  8. They still have cats usually tje dpfs just stop the black soot from coming out
  9. Can Some One Tell Me?

    Cheers jee only asking because ive got the egr blanking plate and been doing loads of research to see if its a bad or good idea
  10. Does The Mk2 2.0 Tdci Have Fuel Pump

    Cheers for that thats what threw me cos you have to manually prime it
  11. I heard its the same block cant remember if its the pistons that are slightly smaller
  12. Tony did you say the accelerator was changed at some point?
  13. Dpf Question

    Ahhh cool thanks took it on a long run today to clear it but not sure if it did or not lol I thought it did it when the exhaust got hot enough threw motorway driving, thanks for reply
  14. Dpf Question

    Do the dpfs with eloys fluid regenerate every time on a long run if the exhaust gets hot enough or does it only do it now and again, Cheers chaps
  15. Yep just done a 30 mile trip today hopefully it regenerated itself !Removed! stupid things