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  1. Water Leak Roof Antena

    Thanks a lot. I will have another go at removing the light. BobP
  2. I have a Petrol Focus Hatch 2.0 Ghia Auto 2007 July only 10,000 miles. I have had 2 lots of water leaks which appear to come from the roof antena. It seems to be when snow starts to melt and the headlining gets wet to the left of the interior light. This causes a few drips to form around the gear selector and sometimes sets off the alarm. I put some vaseline around the base of the antena which appears to solve the problem in the short term.How can I remove the interior light to examine the antena fitting. I does not appear to just pull out. Also my fuel consumption averages only 32/33 MPG and if I drive any lighter with my right foot I will be holding up traffic. My driving is mainly A roads and I rarely ever drive in town. All advice welcomed!