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  1. Leak Off Pipes 1.4 Tdci

    hi everyone,does anyone know if it is possible to do a leak off test on a 1.4 fiesta tdci without removing inlet manifold so I can start engine,know how to do it just think its going to be virtually impossible with just removing air filter,need to check injectors has car is very flat no power,also what should the right amount be around for each injector if possible thanks.
  2. Hello Peeps

    hello everyone new to this just bought my first 2008 fiesta problems already,but will fix looking forward to the forums :)
  3. hi everyone just got a 1.4 tdci fiesta 2008,not the new shape,i am getting a p0100 mass air flow circuit,i can drive the car with or without the 4pin plug attached to the sensor and it drives exactly the same no power like the turbo is not working no boost,its the same through the rev range and about 70mph flat out no throttle response not very good,no error lights on dash can clear the code but comes straight back and yes I bought a brand new maf sensor,its like no power or wiring is dead,so what im asking does anyone know what the 4 colour wires in the plug are going to the maf sensor.ie 12v ground back to ecu for example,its a 7004 part number at the end on the sensor itself siemens vdo,i need to know what colour wire does what,also is there a fuse and relay for the maf sensor wiring,if so does anyone know where they are on the car,any help would be appreciated,my first post so not sure ive done this right.thanks. :(
  4. hi glad to be here just figuring out how to post what to where ?

  5. Welcome to the Ford forums shenmue :)