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  1. Thanks guys for the answers. The tyre sizes are the same as I had before, only difference these are slightly better in quality as before I had the lowest budget ones. However, my back only started being a problem for me a long while after the previous front tyres were fitted, so there is always the chance I would have had a problem at the start of those two. I remember having an awful time for 3 weeks after I had 2 new front road springs fitted, not sure if that is related or not, but after 3 weeks the car went back to being comfortable again. Support wise I use a special wedge shaped cushion. Perhaps I should find something better. I also wondered if maybe my problem is the tyre pressure, perhaps like is said, the tyres may have been over inflated when they were being balanced and fitted.I will have to get a pump or something to try and find out. I also really wish I was able to tell if the problem would be the same on all new tyres or just these, no real easy or free way to find out. Thanks everyone for helping.
  2. Thanks for that. These new tyres are called Barum BRILLANTIS 2, the tyres I had on previously were the next level down on budgets (unknown brand to me). So even if it is a harder wearing compound, it should still bed in okay over time ?
  3. Hi everyone, new here :) I suffer from a spine condition, a curved weak back, and since getting 2 new front tyres on my car today I found the journey home very uncomfortable on my back and neck. Before with my old worn out tyres I was very comfortable in my car (Mondeo). I know that this is not a doctors forum, but can anyone think of any reason why new tyres would be more uncomfortable ? Do they take a while to settle in ? These tyres are much better in quality than my old worn budget ones. The feeling I get is that my back is being pushed up in to my neck/head. The car itself though moves a lot smoother around bends, if that makes sense. Again, I know this is not a medical forum, but I am trying to work out if perhaps this is a common thing that happens to people with back issues when they get brand new tyres, it has only been 1 journey so far. I am just hoping they have to wear in or something. I wonder if perhaps because they are fully pumped up there is no give in them, maybe. I know I had the exact same feeling when I took my car in to a garage for 2 new coil springs, and for 3 weeks every car journey made me feel awful and so painful. I am fully sure though the garage that installed them did everything right, and the tyres themselves are fine, anyone without a back issue would have no problem I am sure. I really wish I knew why this happens. Just wondered if others have felt something similar after getting 2 new front tyres. Thanks.
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Blizzarduk :)