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  1. Ive spent ages looking just after which wire is the ignition one and which is the starter one. And yeah remote start the car to warm it up then go out put key in and hit foot brake to disable it and keep the engine running. Ive sused it down to grey/orange and green/yellow but which is which? I multimetered the grey/orange and it showed 0volts but when i start car with key it shows 12.2volts then release key and it goes back to 0volts??
  2. Remote Starter Wiring

    HI guys and gals, as states, I'm gonna be starting installing a Falcon rs500 remote start tomorrow, just one little thing. I've located the ignition wires to the left of the stearing colum. please tell me if im right or wrong with the wires theres five wire Green/Yellow = Start wire or ignition Red/Green = unknown RED = +12volt Yellow = ACC Grey/Orange = Cranking or Ignition as you can see im not to sure which is Ignition wire. Also the system I am installing has a input to detect rpm that should go to the coil pack but as mines a diesel where do I install this wire as the system needs to detect the engine has started and where is the wait to start wire. Cheers RS500 - Falcon RS500 Remote Starter.pdf
  3. Hi guys and gals, as title says. I'm installing the remote start today/tomorrow thing is before I start I need some advice on a few wires. I've located the ignition harness under the stearing wheel colum to the left of it. Thing is which wire is which, I know the red is constant 12+, yellow is the acc wire, then theres the green/yellow is this the starter wire or ignition? and plus the grey/orange wire is the cranking wire? Cheers
  4. Hi guys and gals, got a remote starter kit for xmas and nearly installed apart from the wait to start wire. Ive got the instrument panel out and removed the wiring harness thing is which wire is for the wait to start light? Cheers in advance
  5. Focus Weird Noise Front End??

    Yeah sorted it, have a close listen, it dont make the noise in reverse. But makes it forward. I have got the car upto speed and then taken out off gear and it still makes the noise. Dont really ease when turning left or right. Cheers
  6. Focus Weird Noise Front End??

    Focus weird sound: http://youtu.be/WZo3kp8DPRM
  7. Hi all, just a question about a weird noise that has just appeared. Seems to be coming from the front, when i drive in reverse there is no noise but when i drive forward this noise is there. It sounds like metal rubbing. Ive driven down the road and taken it out of gear and it still there when i coast. I filmed or tried to film to get the sound on vid to post on here for help. The vid is only 15.6mb yet i cant upload it. Its bugging me. Cheers peeps
  8. Hi guys and gals, as the title states, when I done the drum to disc conversion I noticed that there was the ABS plug where the sensor can be plugged in. The question is can I remove the load sensor from the rear and connected brake pipes straight to the calipers and add the ABS sensors? What do I need to look for ect, I have the sensors from when I got all the conversion parts. Cheers
  9. Cheers, ive sorted it now took the driver side panel off for the yellow wire and found the yellow/violet wire in the floor near drivers seat. Done a little testing with a multi meter and soldered into wirring and used heat shrink on all cables. Will have to do a write up thanks
  10. hi guys and gals, I have got one of these falcon 2 window closure interface mods to close windows when I look the car, I have sorted out the wiring from the interface to the car and I know what wires to tap into in the car (between the switch and the motor) the issue is thus, do I have to remove the door car to tap into the this (yellow wire for driver side and the yellow/velvet wire for passenger) or is there other wire with-in the car I can tap into to save removal of the door card. Cheers
  11. 17 Rims Alloy Concern

    It use to be that way but the guy at the tyre shop said as the tyres are directional he had to swap them over
  12. 17 Rims Alloy Concern

    Hi just had a look and the passenger side seems to be flush with the wing and same for passenger rear. Weird wonder what this could be. If uploaded more pics the first pic is front driver side then passenger side front. Some pics rear passenger side seems ok yet driver side seems alittle off. Im thinking get some continental on them. Unless some else can be done??
  13. 17 Rims Alloy Concern

    What i might do in the morning is swap a rear for a front. All tyres are 205/40/17 and all directional the treads where different and the wheel them selfs all looked the same at a glance. So there is no other way of changing the offset or would it be worth me putting some stocks on the car till i find some that fit better