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  1. Scratched Underside Of Front Bumper/spoiler

    The same happened to mine and as mine is plastic it is fine although it bugs me so the plan is to get it sorted but it doesn't need to be done asap
  2. Diy Guide To Fitting Reverse Camera And Screen

    Has anyone got any experience with night vision cameras like this one? http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B008YOSE0M/ref=mp_s_a_1_16?qid=1379138682&sr=8-16π=AC_SX110_SY165
  3. This weather is rubbish can't do anything, hoping there might be some break in the weather over the weekend so I can refix the side skirt back on and its end cap. Got DMB gel overlays and my alloys to refurb also at some point.
  4. Where Do You Put Your Ipod?

    I haven't opened up the centre console storage yet, as I haven't thought of anything to put in there, but how easy/difficult is it to get the wires up there
  5. Can I Get This?

    Am I right in thinking I can't get a DAB Sony radio it needs to be a non DAB sony
  6. Fiesta Reversing Camera And Screen

    I think I am going to take the plunge and do this, buts it will have to wait for a bit, this month I need to fix my side skirt back on and get the paint on it sorted and a scratching on my bumper
  7. Fiesta Reversing Camera And Screen

    That's really reasonable but then again I guess if its all fitted etc just needs wiring up it should be straightforward.
  8. Something Different

    I have to park quite close to a spiky hedge at work as lorries need to get through so would be useful and help with saleability in the future
  9. Mk6 Judder

    my mum had a similar problem years ago in a megane, it took ages to find it, but it was a a small hole in a hose somewhere, hose cost a couple of quid but labour to find out what was wrong took hours so cost a fair bit, so I would recommend checking all the hoses you can get to just in case
  10. Something Different

    well a new one on my list is a rear reversing camera thanks to recent posts
  11. Fiesta Reversing Camera And Screen

    This is brilliant, want to fit mine Tom :D he he
  12. Diy Guide To Fitting Reverse Camera And Screen

    This is brilliant Well done both of you, am really tempted to try this myself, such a cheap mod if a faffy
  13. Refixing A Side Skirt

    Thanks guys I've ordered off of ebay
  14. Refixing A Side Skirt

    Seems like an Internet jobby is there anywhere you can go in and buy it that you know of?
  15. Refixing A Side Skirt

    My side skirt has a broken clip on the drivers side side skirt, I was thinking about how to reattach it, could I stick it with something? The end cap came off but I have got a new one of them to put on already. What would you recommend to stick it back with, it's not completely off just lose and runs on the drivers door when it opens