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  1. Hi, My MK1 Focus is fitted with a 5000 RDS headunit, while I decide on what head unit to eventually replace this with, how easy is it to install the CD changer? Should I be able to find the wiring loom connector somewhere (I have looked under the driver seat and its not there). Alternatively, is there a module that would convert the CD interface into a USB device so a portable HDD or USB stick could be connected and controlled from the head unit? Many Thanks, Gavin
  2. Focus Mk1 1999 12V Permanent Live?

    Cheers to everyone that replied, the lighter socket is permanetly live - is it a hard task to change it - I would prefer if the socket was controlled from the ignition so I can run with my wireless hotspot etc in the car. Gavin
  3. Focus Mk1 1999 12V Permanent Live?

    Cheers, I will check again in the morning, im pretty sure its pulling a constant live - Im using an Ankur 12v -> USB charging cable and the blue LED remains lit when keys are removed and car is locked.
  4. Focus Mk1 1999 12V Permanent Live?

    Cheers Stoney, I presume when you say switched live, it only becomes live with the ignition ?
  5. Hi all, Good evening, I have just inherited a Focus MK1 1999 and have a very quick question regarding the 12v supply, it would appear the cigarette adapter is constantly on even with ignition keys removed from the vehicle? Is this correct on a car this age , how easy would it be to change the behaviour so power is fed to the socket when the ignition is on? Many Thanks, Gavin
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums gavinlew :)