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  1. Ford Focus Mk2-Ipod Connectivity-No Usb Socket

    Cheers that looks like an interesting piece of kit. Did you install this yourself or got your mechanic to do it.
  2. Ford Focus Mk2-Ipod Connectivity-No Usb Socket

    Thanks very much for that information Clive and the link to e Bay. Yes I think the lead and charger combined will do the job, but who on earth thought that putting the aux in the glove box was a good idea, especially when the car has a really good radio/cd. Cheers
  3. Ford Focus Mk2-Ipod Connectivity-No Usb Socket

    Thanks Lee. Can I ask two more questions please. 1. Will music just play without appearing on Sony display 2. Will I be able to change tracks from steering wheel controls
  4. I'm delighted with my Titanium except for the rather antiquated method for connecting auxiliary audio. The Sony CD DAB does NOT have Bluetooth nor can I find a USB socket. There is an auxiliary 3.5mm conventional jack connector located in the glove box. Can I run an Ipod off this using a 3.5mm jack either end or do I need another type of lead?. Any assistance much appreciated.
  5. Bluetooth/usb Problem

    Thanks for that, is it complicated to retro fit ie changing wiring etc. I wouldn't have specific knowledge in this area.
  6. Bluetooth/usb Problem

    Thank you very much for that comprehensive and clear answer. A bit disappointing that on a Titanium trim there's no Bluetooth nor USB. I'm just discovering the number of variations on a Focus, just proves that you need to go with a wish list spec. Never mind its not the end of the world. Thanks Again
  7. Bluetooth/usb Problem

    I've just bought a 2011 Ford Focus Titanium (UK Older Shape Model) - it is equipped with a Sony CD DAB unit. These may seem basic questions so apologies in advance, the manual is of limited help and so far online searches refer to the Newer 2011 Focus and North American models. The car does not seem to have the SYNC system though I could be wrong. 1. Does the Sony CD DAB unit have Bluetooth capability, when pressing the phone menu on the console it only offers audio mute and no Bluetooth menu. I am trying to "bond" a Nokia Lumia 610 Windows Phone 2. The audio control unit on the steering wheel has no voice control facility - is this significant in terms of Bluetooth availability 3. Again other online sources refer to a USB connection, which I can't find on the console. Does this mean there isn't one or is it hidden? The glove box does have a connection for an MP3 via a jack connector. Is this the extent of the auxiliary inputs. This is my third Focus and I've never had any problems with previous models. It does seem surprising though that a two year old car presents such problems when connecting basics like Bluetooth and USB devices. I thought that by holding out for a Titanium model that the level of equipment would be more extensive. I am not that tech savy so basic step by step advice would be appreciated. Cheers
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums Lesfingal :)

    1. Lesfingal


      Thanks Steve have posted problems with Bluetooth availability on a 2011 Focus (Old Shape) maybe you could offer some advice