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  1. Good man. With the remap you can get into higher gears at lower revs when you need to.
  2. 125 model. 46mpg doesnt include any motoway driving as is when im driving to work and that is more taking it easy instead of having fun. a 200 mile round trip to brands hatch saw just over 50mpg. when the wife drives it (its her car) its normally short journeys into town and always rushing admitting she loves it now when the turbo kicks in, it gets 42mpg. with the bluefin compared to standard it can be more economical when driven carefully but is less efficient when ragged. I cannot stress how easy it is for the turbo to kick in on the bluefin, I am still amazed what this engine can do mind blowing for a 1 litre
  3. Normally if I get a good mpg figure from a to b. It normally gets knocked down on the return journey. with the bluefin I can get 46mpg consistently per tank of fuel.
  4. Are those figures over full tanks of fuel or average during a certain journey? Ive had it in the 60's but by the tank needed refuelling it wasback down to 46.
  5. Think the usa and australia got 5 door version of the st. Have seen reviews and videos.
  6. For me it was just to compare the standard car against the bluefin.
  7. I think only if something fails and the bluefin is deemed to be the cause. Thats when superchips warranty covers. I think thats how it works.
  8. As ive stated an android app isnt going to be to accurate, but the figures were consistent. here are some of the screen shots. so no intentional exageration. the 7.0 and 6.81 were on the same stretch of road.
  9. I think like for like driving the mpg should improve. Before this new map the car was getting 46mpg compared to 44mpg on standard.This on consistent routes. I think this could be improved on with the additional torque. will take a few tanks of fuel to get a decent figure. Agreed 0-60 is in the mid 7 range
  10. I have no doubt clutches will suffer if launched from standing starts regularly. Its just to know ots there when you want it.
  11. Agreed no issues at all and easily 7.5 if not quicker. Does have a racelogic? Ive emailed superchips to see if they have a graph
  12. I would love to get some official figures from the 0-60 on the latest map, I did some runs this morning on the same bit of road as my previous run, figures are not accurate I know(hence wanting some proper timings) 7.02, 6.98, 6.81. this is around 2 seconds better that initial runs
  13. well Jordan not sure what software you were using or manual timing, but very similar to my times tonight best 7 dead a 7.2 and a 7.4, these were 0-60 will try again tomorrow hopefully
  14. gonna have to wait for the times as I know they will be done on a flat bit of road(airport). shame its the wifes car, i will have to do the usual testing meaning I better have the car for a few days just in case there is an issue lol.
  15. latest map installed, I cant really express how good this new map is over the orignal map which I already said the improvement was like voodoo, new map is crazy. 1st gear issues are gone, no hesitation at all foot down it just pulls with or without traction control. But there are improvements across all gears aswell. I tried some 0-60 runs with impressive results. I will wait until I try again on the same bit of road as I did the initial runs to get a fair comparison. Again i know an android app will not be accurate but the 4 runs I did with the standard car were pretty consistent, so will do a few runs again but im amazed at the times i tried tonight. 125ps titanium if you are considering getting a bluefin, just order one you will not regret it. I hope there is an updated graph from Superchips.