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  1. Happy Birthday Ginger_Ninja!

  2. Newbie In Kent

    only a 1.4 i have considered an engine swap but dont have the pennies.
  3. Newbie In Kent

    Hi everyone!!! So glad to have finally joined a forum where i can discuss my car with people who will actually take an interest! Been driving the ginger ninja for a few years now but mods have only started happening this year. So far: - Debaged back - 50mm lowering springs (couldnt afford coil overs and wish id done 60mm drop instead) - Sportex back box - badgless grill - Team Heko wind deflectors - Cossy wheels (refurbed gloss black) - Painted calipers (Ford Olympic Gold) - gloss black exterior plastics Ive seen a few modded fiestas around kent, are there any regular meets?
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Ginger_Ninja :)