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  1. Zetec Se Question

    Hey all just a question realy when driving along the road or up hill around 2.7k rpm and if you hold the revs there. The engine makes a realy faint noise like you can hear the piston moving up and down but it's so faint and I do know after 3k rpm the engine note does change. Im sure it isn't bottom end as it has had an easy life and services every 5 to 10 k always topped up so never been low on oil. Uses anything up to 100 ml every 200 miles depends how it feels each month. There is no noise on idle except for clutch release bearing rattling. Could it be that whilst I'm moving as there no noise after 3000rpm either just between 2.5 and 3. I have had it sat at around 3krpm and used a steps scope and listened around the engine and I do have s noisy tappet and 3rd injector just wonderd if it's normal as never heard it before but not like I been listening out for it either sorry for the essay tried to give as much as I can Thanks in advance for all your help and time to read
  2. Accident Damage= Total Loss

    I had a friend that had a bump and he valued the car at 1200 and his insurance have Him 2000 and offerd him to buy his car back for 500 that was an Astra Bertone Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  3. Ford Focus Exhaust

    Where is it broken to centre or at the back box and shouldn't be to expensive depends if your confident in doing it yourself or getting a garage to do it
  4. Mk2.5 Rear Drums Sticking

    I would take the shoes apart and grease the back plate where the shoes rest with some copper slip and give them a good clean and the drum with some brake cleaner and put them back together see if it helps sorry for late reply forgot to hit post lol
  5. Oil Change

    I would but get decent flush from vospers works a treat
  6. Hi There Can Someone Help Please

    Brilliant ill give them a shout hopefully might sort out my noisy injecter aswell haha thanks for the help just got stuck on we're to go next with this one haha all the mechanic say its not pinking and the computer says the car is well and healthy but a good clean carnt do any harm can it thanks again
  7. Hi There Can Someone Help Please

    Do you know how much it cost in total and did you notice any difference in the running of the car ??? And yeah well a few month back I took her up the moors and thrashed the hell out of it for about an hour just don't want to push her to hard seeing there are a few horror stories about this engine haha Thanks
  8. Hi There Can Someone Help Please

    Yeah I thought it was pre-ignition as it only happens when it's warm but I thought the knock sensor was suppost to sort that problem out. The computer (live data) shows that it is retarding the timing correctly. I've heard of terra clean just need to find someone down here that does it. Also there are no shell garages or bp down here (plymouth) the closest is around 20 miles away. What's an Italian tune up ??? Thanks for your help
  9. Hi There Can Someone Help Please

    sorry did not think to mention i changed the fuel filter around 2k ago still no joy. i poured a bottle of redex in the tank to see if it would clean out any crap then changed the filter but no joy. its weird because the car drives sweet as a nut even with the noise there is no loss of power but if you put your foot down and get above 3k it seems to go and i did stick in the redex very concentrated and gave her a good thrash when she was hot but made no difference im stumped.
  10. Hi There Can Someone Help Please

    Did forget to say its a mk1 1.6 petrol had new coil pack, leads and plugs new knock sensor passed mot and emissions with flying colours carnt think of what else to check Cheers
  11. Hey wondering if anyone could come up with any ideas on the problem I'm having. When my car is warm and going up a hill or under a little load there is a weird rattle/clattering noise sort of if you was labouring the car but slightly higher pitched but coming from the front of the car I have had it on a computer and all seems to be ok not pinking or anything. Changing to tesco 99 helps a little but noise is still there I have checked the injectors and injecter 3 is noisier than the rest but it's hard to make the noise sat in a garage as it don't make the noise when free revving. would be useful if someone could sit in the bonnet and listen to where the noise is coming from but I'm not aloud haha if anyone has had this before or any ideas would be great thanks
  12. Yeah that's what the mechanic said so when I hear the noise I just chance gear to keep out of it. Thing is its hard to describe the noise beside a clattering of metal at 1500 to 2000 rpm when warm and slight throttle hmm little stuck haha
  13. Brilliant cheers well I see what I can do on saterday at the garage annoying really because I brought the car in January and only notice the pinking when I open the windows 2 months ago because the warm weather :) so who knows how long it's been going on for just annoying that at the garage he couldn't find the problem
  14. Sorry jebowhite I didn't see the link lol was using my phone hmm might be worth a look into see if there anyone near plymouth that can do that :) thanks
  15. So what's a teraclean what happens And where would you get that done ??? Cheers I did put a bottle of redex in very concentrated like a bottle in per 10 letter of fuel that made no difference lol Cheers guys again is there any sensors or anything I should look at whilst I have it on diagnostic on saterday