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  1. Bluetooth Install Guide?

    I can't believe after all this time it was the wrong cable that was causing the problems. Andy (Gothic Rebel) thank you so much for actually having a solution that works! Plugged the new retrofit loom in this morning, split the microphone cable away from the main loom (i didn't fancy splitting the cable and rejoining it with other cable) then retaped with amalgamation tape tested connection before i put it all back in place in the car and its now its fully working . Only downside now is that i have a spare cable for a mk2 that i don't need, with both mic and audio patch cables and a sliced finger when cutting the tape!
  2. Bluetooth Install Guide?

    Yes i wanted all my bits to be to a factory fitted standard, i have received a quote for £130+ for the cable Finis number 1667645 will just gamble on it as you said i think i have done the same as you and bought the wrong bluetooth head unit cable initially! Thanks for your replies. One quick question when you received the new loom was the mic long enough as i found with the other loom i had to unravel it to make it reach!
  3. Bluetooth Install Guide?

    Did you sort out the usb in armrest, its a bit of a faff to get off but worth it in the long run!
  4. Bluetooth Install Guide?

    Andy Thank you so much for the reply! The finis number i got for the cable i bought was 1467152, i believe my focus is a mk2.5 facelift model, (build date 26/6/09) so i will need finis number 1667645. The whole thing had drove me absolutely mad as i was ripping my panels apart to try and locate this audio patch. In hindsight i should have just brought the novero kit, i have installed the usb in the armrest so would like not to just give up on it! Looks like it will be a needle in a haystack to try and find this cable now! Luke
  5. Bluetooth Install Guide?

    Hi Chaps I have retrofitted the ford bluetooth system using the original parts and modules, the only problem i have is that i cannot find the where the audio patch cable goes, i have the same glovebox cabling as Gothic Rebel, i know that this is the problem as i can make calls and play/control music using head unit but cannot hear it through the speakers. Any help or ideas would be grateful i gave up on it last autumn but aim 99% there except no audio! As usual i asked ford to have a look and they have no idea as usual! I have a Focus Titanium 09 Plate.
  6. Retrofit Bluetooth Audio Not Working

    Phil I am having problems locating where the Audio patch lead goes, could you please let me know where yours was. Mine is 2009 Focus with a build date of 25/06/09. Thanks
  7. Retrofit Bluetooth Audio Not Working

    I have just finished retrofitting bluetooth into my Titanium 09 Plate i had to use the patch loom as i had no cable after looking for it, everything communicates fine, except i hear no audio during play back, i have searched for the areas of which the mic and audio patches could go as shown on other topics on here, does anyone have any ideas as i'm now stumped and a little annoyed. I do have my aux cable which was connected in glove box still attached to the stereo loom could this be affecting it?
  8. Could someone please direct me in the way of getting the latest files so that i can assign my bluetooth module to my car after doing a retrofit on my Focus Mk 2.5. Many thanks Luke
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums spiceytitanium :)