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  1. 2.5T Titanium X 2008 Risk?

    how, how about the service schedule/things to be concerned with at 68k miles?
  2. 2.5T Titanium X 2008 Risk?

    the trip computer in my diesel only reads 30-32 mpg anyway!
  3. Hi All, need to know if I am doing something sensible here or has anyone got any input! I currently have a 54 Reg Vectra SRI 1.9cdti 120bhp. Now, it is slowly falling apart around me and I have seen the above 08 2.5t Titanium X. it looks fantastic and Im loving the idea of 220bhp to play with. The question is, how much of a mistake is this considering the running costs of this bad boy! Tax for 6months is around £60 more expensive, but the question im wondering more about is the peterol/diesel consumption. Now my daily commute to work is a 10mile round trip from home to town - and that trip is spent in traffic for the majority. Iv always been under the presumption that petrols are better for these kinds of runs, considering im never actually doing any distance driving. My vectra has had: new alternator new radiator new intercooler new battery new starter motor. in around 2 years and I have a feeling the clutch is next, I want rid of this pony!. The Mondeo is only £6.5k for an 08 plate at 68k miles. BUT it is this petrol guzzling petrol. I can wait and get a diesel for 2-3k more, but I love the sound of something nippy. What do you think? thanks
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Nucleo :)