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  1. Thanks for that, the only problem being that it's not a consistent problem it's intermittant. There is no pattern or common factor as to when it occurs. Climate control is usually on all the time. It happened for the first time 2 months ago then twice in the last week, There is no sign or indication that the fan is on until you stop as you can't hear it in the car.
  2. Thanks but I think you have missed the point. I do regular motorway driving so I don't think filter is a problem. Although the engine fan is on, the temperature gauge on the dashboard is showing normal. I believe it is somehow connected to the climate control as on the last occasion outside temperature was showing 27C as car had been parked in the sun. This figure didn't come down as you would expect once I moved off. I had to turn the set temperaure in the car up as too much cold air was entering. Where does the climate control dump the hot air? Could this be the problem
  3. Ford Titamium TDCI 2012 1560CC. I've noticed on 3 journeys that upon arrival the engine fan is running and smells hot but the temperature on the dashboard is reading normal. All have been fairly short journeys of up to 1/2 hr in sunny but not particularily hot weather. The fan ran for several minutes before switching off. Water level is OK. On the latest journey the car had been sitting in the sun and it was hot in the car. Before setting out the outside temperature on the dashboard showed 27C although the temperature was clearly not 27C. Despite running at about 70mph on the way home for 1/2hr this 27C didn't come down as you would expect and as climate control was set at 19C it continued to pump cold air into the car. Upon arrival at home I could hear the engine fan was on and ran for several minutes after switching off the engine. As before nothing was untoward on next journey. Is this a sensor issue?
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Leysland :)