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  1. 1100Rpm Shake

    Hello the rpm shake is normal in these engines as iv tested my fathers and friends and it all happens at the same RPM and iv taken the exhaust heat shield off as if I got it secured down again it would only rust again. All iv got to sort out is the AM radio problem which is a common fault all in all happy !!
  2. 1100Rpm Shake

    Cheers it will be around 2-3 weeks by the time i get the car there because of work and holidays but i am yet to tell the garage as iv tryed emailing them so i have some prove of conversation and no reply so ill give them a ring when i get home i expect them to fix all my problems as i have a 3 month warranty.
  3. 1100Rpm Shake

    Thanks very much for the advice im currently away athe moment so i will do this when i get home on tuesday, only payed the deposit thursday and picked the vehicle up on the saturday so there should be no problem with time limits is it ok for me to drive the car to the garage if i have that engine problem could he use that against me as in "you shouldnt drive it as youve caused further damage" also the rear exhaust heat shield has a bolt that has rusted off so everytime i close the boot it vibrates and the AM frequency on radio doesnt work so no radio 5 live i take it these can also be put forward for repair at no cost ?
  4. 1100Rpm Shake

    Why do i need to pay them as iv got a warranty dont really know how they work and what i do know is that they do what they can to lower there costs ?
  5. 1100Rpm Shake

    "no dealership should ever be able to say "nothing we can do" for replacement parts, the only time they can say that is if you refuse to pay them"
  6. 1100Rpm Shake

    i agree but have the feeling if other people have the shake they will just say nothing we can do !! and multiple trips may soon add up
  7. 1100Rpm Shake

    Hello everybody iv just bought a 2008 Focus 1.8 TDCI and i just noticed the 1200 rpm shake in my car on in neutral and when at idle, like some off you i have looked online for information and some forums say its a characteristic of the 1.8 tdci lump with it being an imbalance of the injectors some say its the DMF and some say the mounts ???? Doesnt affect the driving or performance just find it strange they can make an engine like that which just shakes at such a small RPM range. I have my 3 months warranty is it worth a visit to the garage (50 miles) each way ?
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums Jmason :)