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  1. Thanks for the replies guys, I've finally sorted it after months of trying to discover what was causing it and all it was was a small piece of wire insulation was stopping the wire's from having a good connection.. again many thanks for your help.
  2. Hey people, Just wondering if someone could be of some help to me, I've got a focus 1.8tdci mk2 2008 and i recently fitted a sub and amp to the standard head unit. It's been fine for ages but now all of a sudden whenever I use the AUX the passenger side speakers Front and rear seem to like have a static sound to it also every time I use the blower or something electrical it makes a loud hiss? :S It's very odd as well because whenever i plug my phone into charge it doesn't seem to make the sound half as much but it's still there, but if i put the radio/cd player into Radio or CD all the speakers work fine? Any idea's on what it could be? Any help would be appreciated thanks! :)
  3. Newbie!!

    Hey guys, new to the forum just wanted to introduce myself, I'm Luke and i drive a chipped 1.8TDCi Titanium. (Some pics of her below) :-)
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums YS08PSU :)