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  1. Leather Seat Upgrade

    I currently drive a 62 plate Fiesta ZS with the standard non heated red/grey cloth seats. I am going to buy a set of heated Ford Modena full leather fron/rear seats for the ZS. Im assuming the seat footprints are the same, so will fit. The obvious difference is the heating, which for the moment I am not bothered about and they may have airbags in the Modena, not sure, butmy question is will the plugs at the base of the Modena seats fit the plugs for my current seats. Do Ford use the same plug for the seatbelt signals for example regardless of seat type?. Thank you all in advance.
  2. What Have You Done With Your Car Today?

    Took advantage of the reasonable weather and de-tangoed my 'fez', front, back and sides. Thought I would have trouble with the mirror indicators, but not a prob at all. Oh, and had the front passenger footwell plastic heater exhaust pipe come away and fall into the footwell for no reason!. I hope its not the shape of things to come........do you think I can get it back on!, not a chance!!
  3. Paint Help

    Hi all. I spend hours cleaning my ZS and sometimes I also wash my wifes black Renault, when she aint moanin. Ive noticed that her car bonnet has various swirl marks and have also noticed small patches of straight marks, as though someone has used T-cut to remove a local mark. What is the best way to treat this permanently, short of spraying the bonnet. What equipment/compounds etc etc would I need. Cheers
  4. Zetec S Diffuser

    What did you eventually decide on the rear diffuser
  5. What Have You Done With Your Car Today?

    There isnt a standard bracket, that I am aware of, so I designed/made a bracket myself. Originally purchased a Ford S badge with a sticky back from ebay and made the bracket to suit. The bracket I had made clips over the grill, primed and painted matt black.
  6. What Have You Done With Your Car Today?

    Hi all. Newbie and first post, but a regular visitor to the site so decided to take the plunge and register!. My only other previous ford was a red D reg XR2, in its day a crackin/fun little car to drive, my 'NOW' ford is Panther black Zetec S which I have to say drives BRILLLL!. Even at the ripe ol' age of 44 I feel I should add a few subtle understated refinements, less is more!. 1) Debadged the rear, leaving the Ford badge. 2) Replaced front/rear badges with black/chrome DMB gel overlays 3) Replaced ford wheel centres with silver/black DMB gel overlays 4) Fitted Climair deflectors 5) Manufactured bracket from stainless steel and mounted Ford S badge to front grill. 6) Added red stitching to Ford mats 7) Lockwood 'S' doorsills I would like to fit mud flaps but not keen on the rally type myself and I guess there arent any standard mudflaps that can be fitted to an 'S' model, ideas welcome. I do have a new black/red DMB gel overlay if anybody wants it, I was going to fit it to the steering wheel but changed my mind. I also have a second mounting bracket for the Ford 'S' badge if someone wants it, local please as dont want to post, Brum. Cheers guys