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  1. So about six months since i've posted updates. Here are the updates! Mountune spoiler extensions Engine bay Hood wrap Triple R Eyebrows
  2. Wow I forgot about this forum hahahah. @Jeff If i remember correct the engine cover is unpaintable...it's some sort of weird soft plastic. @ Paramanic: Thnx! How i wrapped the front? You mean the little black part at the front on the bumper? To be honest, the wrapper did it for me. I just threw some money at him if you know what i mean hahahah. By the way, the car looks completely different now. I'll see if i can post some pics later!
  3. thnx guys! @666damian666, it feels like it pulls a little better, but that could be due to the silicon induction hose, i guess.
  4. Ok it's been a while.... but i've not been sitting around! I don't think there's a lot more to do on the outside, so i've started changing the inside! I got a Milltek non resonated catback now! Really great sound! Along with the catback i've also installed a smooth silicon induction hose. Here are some pics. As you can see, the black and yellow theme continues under the bonnet ;) Let me know what you think! Cheers
  5. LeroyE

    My Fiesta Mk7.5 Zs

    Looks good! Don't think i'm going to put it on my car tho'...With all the speedbumps here and the lowering i've done :P
  6. LeroyE

    New Fiesta Range - Red & Black Editions

    nice! mine is still cooler tho' :P
  7. LeroyE

    Finally Picked Up My Car!!

  8. LeroyE

    New Car.. Within The Week!! :d

    Titanium all the way!
  9. hahahah i live in another country ;)
  10. Thnx! I won't be getting the ST exhaust. But I will be getting a Milltek one ;) (loud version)
  11. LeroyE

    New Fiesta St2 Owner !!!

    Nice! Gotta say..the 666 in your nick is scaring me :P
  12. LeroyE

    New Fiesta St2 Owner !!!

    Thnx!! What colour are you getting your ST2?