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  1. In Car Video Camera.

    Thanks, Vladan.
  2. In Car Video Camera.

    Better look at comments on the Amazon site before buying; the "thread" below was copied from a contributor tp Amazon: SD Card problems seem to be an issue. Hope that this helps. "Overall I think these cameras are OK but, they are badly let down by poor software development. Having to regularly remove and format memory cards from both the rear 720 and the front HD is a pain. Having to then put them back in the camera after the format, start the engine and then remove it once more before returning to the computer so the software can find the memory card, is protracted and an onerous task. I will hate doing it every week to stop this loud and very annoying RoadHawkHD "SD card or camera error" voice alarm!"
  3. In Car Video Camera.

    I would have bought the SJ1000 if I had known about it; much better value: yes, the DOD LS430W does take still photos - but "purchasers" say that you're better using your camera/phone - and only using it as a last resort.
  4. In Car Video Camera.

    DOD LS430W sold by easyBattery (through Amazon, direct or through eBay). Expensive, but with a very high spec., and good reviews.
  5. In Car Video Camera.

    Very many thanks for the information given - so promptly: I haven't taken delivery of the camera yet but am confident that your advice will be invaluable.
  6. In Car Video Camera.

    I wish to install an in-car video unit, windscreen mounted (behind the rear-view mirror); Could someone advise me about "routing" the power lead, around the windscreen, to my "cigarette-lighter" power socket: My car is a late 2013 Ford Fiesta Titanium with reversing sensors and foldable wing mirrors. Your help would be appreciated.
  7. Retro-Fits [Grab Handles & Sports Pedals]

    Stoney871: Many thanks for your advice; I can now access previous posts.
  8. Retro-Fits [Grab Handles & Sports Pedals]

    Stoney871:I understand that you needed to move my "post" - but I was not able to access "replies" to my post. Why? Please advise.
  9. Model/spec. Description: New (2012/3) Fiesta.

    Perhaps, but even BMW, Mercedes and Porche use bages/symbols to distinguish between models.
  10. Model/spec. Description: New (2012/3) Fiesta.

    Accepted: perhaps not worth the risk - although car thieves aren't fools; looking inside a car will tell them what they need to know!
  11. Model/spec. Description: New (2012/3) Fiesta.

    Many thanks for replies. Makes sense.
  12. I've just taken delivery of a new Fiesta Ecoboost 1.0 Titanium (having traded in a Ford Focus Titanium - that had a "Titanium" badge on the tail-gate). The new Fiesta does not have a Titanium badge anywhere. Why is this?
  13. Retro-Fits [Grab Handles & Sports Pedals]

    Very many thanks. My elderly friend whom I give a lift to - found Grab handles useful in my Focus and Mondeo Titanium.. I didn't notice that the Fiesta Titanium didn't have one; just assumed that the Titanium spec. was the same in all models.
  14. Retro-Fits [Grab Handles & Sports Pedals]

    1. Is it possible to retro-fit a Grab-handle - front passenger side - to a new 2013 Ford Fiesta Titanium? (I had this on my Ford Focus and was disappointed to find that it wasn't on my Fiesta)?.
  15. DSC 8644 Fiesta Titanium Ecoboost 29 8 13

    A fantastic car. 3 cylinder 1 litre engine yet drives like a 1.6. My 150ps Focus Titanium didn't seem much faster!

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