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  1. Prop Money / Fake Money Uk?

    depending on how it is being filmed could you not use real money and paper? have it in 1000 pound blocks as they do at the bank real note front and rear paper in between.
  2. The Politics Thread

    If there is a candidate for these on the ballot sheet they will get my vote..... http://www.yorkshirefirst.org.uk/. Essentially they want good old Yorkshire to become independent ala the Welsh and the Scots we sounds stupid until you realise Yorkshire has a population that is similar in number to Scotland and economy that is double that of Wales. They want tax money to be spent at a local rather than national level and to sort local issues locally.
  3. Rhetorical Legal Question

    Always gets me that one as if me and the wife go to the supermarket to purchase alcohol and one us had id the other has left it at home for instance and they refuse service based on this, yet at the next till a mother with children has purchased a bottle of wine with the rest of the weekly shop she gets served no questions asked yet she is clearly with a person under 18. Always tempted to ask the cashier for id as they have to be over 18 to sell it.
  4. Check your documents everything you are paying for will be listed on there somewhere make sure it is all included
  5. Manchester Car Meet!!

    The car park would be a public highway as it is open to the public. what time are we thinking for the meet?
  6. New Car Whats Your Opinion

    I would go for the new car and not have to worry about anything going mechanically wrong with the car. Also if its new and shiny the mrs is more likely to keep it that way and be super careful while driving.
  7. St3 Quotes

    Ford try take the mick with the GAP insurance they told me it was 400 quid told them I have never paid that and I have took it out on 4 cars with them now it soon came down to the 200 I have paid previously. Think you have got yourself a good deal on the ST3 though when do you collect it?
  8. Zetec-S To St.

    I recently test drove one of the Zetec S red edition have to say it is nothing like the ST2 I currently have. I was hoping that I would like it and be able to save a few bob a month in my repayments but the savings weren't enough to justify what you lose out on in the ST. What I would've missed is the Sony DAB radio which makes the dash look clearer imo Having to use keys to start the engine lol Heated Recaro's No 6th gear tried putting the red edition into reverse on the test drive The power delivery although the power is there in there in red edition it takes an age to get there unlike the ST. If you can afford the ST and insurance then go for it as although the Zetec S is a great car its like comparing chalk and cheese
  9. Fiesta St3

    Dont use the shortest route option on the sat nav unless you want to end up on roads which amount to little more than farm tracks!
  10. St180's In Halifax

    Always nice when they do wave, there is a lad with one in Huddersfield we wave to each other as we drive past, there are some who don't acknowledge you at all must think i'm a bit of a plonker when i wave to them,
  11. St2-St3 Price Difference - Worth It?

    the key less entry is a feature i really like, as you don't need the keys to start the st-2 having to fish they keys out of your pockets just to unlock the car used to really annoy me, the Sat Nav was pretty decent too, though i wouldnt want to have paid nearly 500 quid for it
  12. Insurance For A New Car

    Was previously with Diamond, renewal time now and AXA have come up cheapest for me this time around
  13. Catch Me If You Can

    What happened to the person who was offering personalised car stickers with our FOC usr names on them? i thought they where a great idea
  14. Chrome Anybody ?

    Think you should do the same to yours :D.
  15. Ford Fiesta St-2

    The one thing i dont like about the Molten Orange is the orange interior, the red ST emblem on the orange seat doesnt look right to me. looks great on the outside though