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  1. Thanks for the rapid responses guys In which case I will go for an oil and filter change first before looking into diesel leak off testing etc Many thanks for you advice everyone it's much appreciated :) Mark
  2. Hey Exponential Mine was meant to have had an oil change before I collected it but I'm not sure it's had one either as I have no proof. Maybe I should look into changing my oil as a starting point? Mark
  3. Hi to all My wagon also has symptoms like "exponential's" I have a Focus C-Max with the 1.6 TDCI 110BHP engine which also has a "tappet" like noise at around 2800 RPM upwards and is not so good from stationary unless you hold the revs in the turbo range. I've owned it now nearly a year and it has always been like it. Many thanks for any help Regards Mark
  4. Delay In Electrics Working After Elm Cable Test

    I got the cable from a certain website and modified it as per directions from a forum. I must admit that the inside of the unit was quite a bit different from what was shown in the forum guide but i didn't think it would make much difference.
  5. Delay In Electrics Working After Elm Cable Test

    Jeebowhite If I find anything out and have any success I will be more than happy to inform you and others on the forum. It would be the least I can do.. Many thanks Mark
  6. Delay In Electrics Working After Elm Cable Test

    Hi Preee I am not sure that I trust my current ELM cable to connect to any controller as I'm not convinced it works too well. I am thinking about purchasing a FoCom package for peace of mind. I'm not sure that I fancy resetting my HEC as I do not want to brick my car. Have you ever reset a HEC on a MK1 C-Max before and if so what is involved? Many thanks Mark
  7. Delay In Electrics Working After Elm Cable Test

    Oh I see, I wasn't aware about this issue on CMAX's. This error occurs every time the ignition is turned on whether it is hot or cold, car starts perfectly on every turn of the key without missing a beat. Wished I hadn't plugged it in now to see if this issue would have reveled its ugly head on its own. Oh well I will have a look through the forum etc to find the location of this relay and look into replacing to see if it resolves this problem, I will keep you posted.. Many thanks for your help jeebowhite, I really appreciate it.. :) Regards Mark
  8. Delay In Electrics Working After Elm Cable Test

    So I have read the PCM module with my F-Super interface and I have a few codes that may be old ones but I'll put them down just in case and one that came up after I cleared all DTC's PCM DTC's P0213 - Cold Start Injector 1 P138B - Glow plug control module system voltage - This one came up after I cleared first DTC codes Cluster DTC P02D9 - Fined DTC I haven't had any cold mornings and it so far has never been lumpy at all. Like I say it starts like a dream and doesn't give me any issues apart from the cluster not powering up or any power to the electric windows and reverse lights until the 15 (ish) seconds have passed. There must be some way to get this minor issue resolved surely? It seems really weird that if it is a low voltage issue to the glow plugs why does it affect my cluster, windows and reverse lights instead of just illuminating the diesel / E.M.L light?
  9. Delay In Electrics Working After Elm Cable Test

    Thanks very much for rapid response jeebowhite it is very much appreciated. Even though I tried to restore to original as-built settings I'm not sure it actually did anything. I will plug my F-Super interface in tomorrow and post any error codes listed. Is there any way I can tell if the voltage is low to the glow plugs? The car starts first turn of the key every time with very little waiting time. Again many thanks Mark
  10. Hello all I'm a newbie to Fords so please bear with me and many apologies for asking something which may have already been posted. (I have tried to search as much as possible but couldn't find anything) Ok so let me try and explain what the situation is.. I have a 54 C-Max MK1 1.6 TDCI.I have owned it for a couple of months without any problems at all. After many years of having VW's and using VCDS diagnostic software I thought I would try and get a similar version for my Ford. After looking around I stumbled onto a modified ELM cable mod. I connected the interface to my car and tested it by reading various modules without changing or writing to any modules as it was just a test. As I wasn't changing or writing to modules I didn't backup anything (On hind sight this was a big error on my part and hopefully I'll learn from it, but I'm not sure this would have helped as I don't think the interface works correctly) Not being convinced it was all it was cracked up to be I disconnected the cable and left it at that. Next morning I put the key in the ignition and notice that the yellow diesel glow plug light and engine management light illuminate and stay on for about 15 secs, nothing else comes on. The reverse lights, electric windows, instrument lights and instrument panel do not work until 15 seconds later. The engine starts fine if you just turn the key while these lights are on and runs perfectly. I have tried to leave the battery disconnected overnight to see if this fixes it but unfortunately it didn't. I also tried to restore it back to original AS-BUILT settings from the Motorcraft website with my VIN number, again it didn't sort the problem out. Everything worked fine until I plugged the interface in and read modules. Does anyone have any ideas? Again please accept my apologies for my waffling and inexperience. Many thanks Mark
  11. New To Fords

    Hello to all I've been looking on this site for about a month now after buying my first Ford (54 C-Max) and I have to say a what a great site. I may need to pick your experienced brains at some point, so I hope you don't mind. All the best and many thanks Mark
  12. Welcome to the Ford forums SyncroGTI :)

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