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  1. Dtc U3000:00-68 Help

    No it is factory mounted programmable auxiliary heater
  2. Dtc U3000:00-68 Help

    Hi I have extra heater brand webasto my problem is that it pops up a dtc error code U3000 :00-49 when I delete the code works the heater as it should until the next day when the error code pops up again. when I read the fault codes it says that I'll Controller check abs module. what has ABS with extra heater to do? I'm very grateful for all the help I can get ===DTC U3000:00-68=== Code: U3000 - Control Module Subcode: 49 - Internal Electronic Failure Status: 68 Module: Auxiliary Heater Control Module Diagnostic Trouble Code details Perform these checks Check the %%h(ABS)(EB9F) module ground connections. Check the %%h(ABS)(EB9F) module power supply connections. Check the condition of all cables and connectors for broken cables, damaged insulation, contamination, water ingress and loose connections. Check the %%h(ABS)(EB9F) module connections for damage, water ingress or corrosion . If any contamination is found, clean the connector and %%h(ABS)(EB9F) module terminals. Check the connector for damage or contamination. Check for an open circuit in the wiring harness. Check for a short circuit to the ground or battery. Check the condition of all cables and connectors for broken cables, damaged insulation, contamination and loose connections. Make sure there is no continuity to ground or supply. Select Self-Test in the toolbox menu, select Chassis -> Braking -> %%h(ABS)(EB9F) or %%h(ESP)(18718), depending on the system. Perform an On Demand Self-Test. If the %%h(DTC)(FA18) is ODDTC and not historical or continuous, do not delete the DTC and replace the %%h(ABS)(EB9F) module. If the %%h(DTC)(FA18) is %%h(CMDTCs)(186CA) and historically this may be an intermittent fault, the cause of which cannot be identified at this time. The customer should return the car should the fault reoccur noting the conditions at the time of the failure like the speed and application of the brakes. ===END DTC U3000:00-68===
  3. Hello Everyone I try to read the CCD file from the IPC module but can not succeed my car is ford S-Max 2007 is the one who has succeeded and can explain to me why it is not possible. When I go into the IPC module and press read CCD file everything goes fine but when I go into Central configuration where everything seems to be locked, nothing is going to change! Grateful for all the help I can get. From BCM module I have no problem it is possible to read the CCD and modify data in the central configuration. Attach two pictures of how it looks. Sincerely Addo
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