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  1. Hi can anyone advise on if a fiesta 2007 1.4 tdci style has dual mass flywheel or not , been told it doesn't but then last night and guy said it DOES? ThankS
  2. oil behind clutch pedal

    Thanks is it a expensive job?
  3. oil behind clutch pedal

    Hi all got what looks like oil behind clutch pedal and dripping onto floor matt any ideas on problem and cost.thanks
  4. flywheel

    Anybody know?thanks
  5. flywheel

    Hi all , Help appreciated does a 2006 ford fiesta 1.4 tdci have single or dual mass flywheel..clutch gone and unsure.thanks
  6. Engine Oil

    Put the best in you can afford I say it's cheaper than a engine.
  7. focus 1.6 tdci issues

    Well I see re the dpf not a lover of them myself. The 1.6 tdci turbo problems Is this just due to not having regular oil changes or does this stop the turbo issues?
  8. focus 1.6 tdci issues

    Hi all I have always had the focus 1.8 tdci but thinking moving to the 1.6 tdci but looked around and keep seeing turbo failure etc on these engines are they really that bad?
  9. No tried allsorts so the end we gave up . Its a nightmare
  10. Focus Mk2? Obd Problems

    Are you around this weekend as could meet up and try my code reader
  11. Focus Mk2? Obd Problems

    where In Derbyshire are you if south you could be near me I have a code reader
  12. Timing Belt Interval

    well my 2008 tdci is on 175k and going strong... I do a lot of miles each year trying to get to 200k before I change..lol
  13. Timing Belt Interval

    mine were done at 120,000 wont leave it that long next time, I do allot of miles... unsure if different on yours james
  14. What Tyres Do Have You Fitted

    heard some good reviews on the avon see they have the zv5 on offer
  15. Missing Manual