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  1. Folding Mirror

    5 pot 205 bhp !!!....is that even legal ? ( he asked enviously at a mere 163 ) So Ford expert says software fault, which based on another owner, ( me ) gets worse over time and becomes permanent only on drivers side. It is very unlikely we are on our own with the same fault. Suspect many just ignore it and leave them out but if so why fit them if they dont work and actually charge me for the part and the annoyance? Suspect because of the nature of the fault, as detailed to Ford Dealer, they would know its software and they are unlikely to advertise there are other owners with the same basic problem garage cant fix. Mine is 3 years old in April Good luck and let me know how you get on
  2. Folding Mirror

    Hi again Paul. I had rushed that last post and it is true, and more helpful to you, to say : I like and trust my local dealer and we would not have 3 Fords in the family otherwise. One of the aspects which brings me back to them is their long term resident techie who is pretty clued up and has given good advice and fixed stuff himself on a few occasions. This trusted techie is the one who is totally and absolutely convinced this is a software problem and needs a Ford fix. However warranty is running out and I should be doing the lottery ! Best wishes Bill
  3. Folding Mirror

    Hi Paul 2.5 eh !....what bhp is that then ? No I still have the problem but it is no longer an intermittent fault which is where I started on that one mirror still refusing to open from the button. I suspect we are not alone with this glitch and that people just work round the problem manually and dont even bother to post on a site like this ?? I now open the mirror a bit before I get in and the button always then opens it but a bit too far so I wind down the window and move it back into place. Crazy eh ? Found also when I stop the car and close it will open for up to 8 seconds after I stop but will not open from the button if I leave it longer than that....wild eh? Good chance I think you will eventually end up presenting a constant mirror fault and get the responce this is a software fault and we live in hope of Ford coming up with a fix. How many of us I wonder have had such a responce and are still waiting ? Strange how these little things can annoy especially in the rain ! Soon as I come up on the lottery I might go and try the big Mazda...good luck and regards Bill
  4. Folding Mirror

    Thanks James, I appreciate that. OK if I quote this to the dealer ? , they would accept the part is still under warranty. Regards Bill
  5. Titanium X19" Wheel Noise

    Without advertising names, which I assume is not ok on this site : Has anyone bought or had fitted "cabin quieter" kits ? Any good and worth doing I wonder? Full kit for cabin might be in region of from £300 for diy kit + maybe £100 fitted. Which seems a lot and wonder if they would sell part kit of clever sound proofing material to concentrate on tyre noise ? If they did that at the factory from new and it worked I would have paid it without a doubt with hindsight. 4x4's did get a mention on one site of kits but price not yet really considered. Bill
  6. Titanium X19" Wheel Noise

    I had 19" Bridgestone on previous AWD Kuga and after a few thousand from new the noise suddenly became too much. Some of it may be the tyre itself or the tracking. Tracking might depend on where 19" were fitted ...factory or garage....19" required a change in settings I was told. In my case, and others I believe, Bridgestone took the rap and the wear was blamed and the tyres were changed to different manufacturer tyres F.O.C. Had a lot of help from the Ford dealer who had the tyre rep in and by that stage no argument. I expect your other respondents are right this size does not give you quiet. For what it is worth on any future permanent 4 wheel drive or AWD I would never go bigger than 17" to reduce the noise a bit as I now have some tinnitus. Actually tried ear plugs for a while which cant be recommended !! As I am low mileage I would run all year on 17" Winter or All Season whichever was avaialble and lowest noise on test as classified by the tyre manufacturer. Probably not Bridgestone unless they were to blame and sorted out the problem in manufacture. Good luck, Bill Suspect all these would do is just refer you to dealer to begin with anyway and try and act as go between between customer and dealer : http://www.ford.co.uk/Footer/ContactUs
  7. Folding Mirror

    The drivers side folding mirror on my 2011 Kuga has become a real niggle. Neither I or the dealer have had any success with what was an intermittent, now v regular fault. Only ever this side and only ever when opening. Got so bad in sticking shut I have stopped using the switch and sometimes fold in both mirrors manually outside the vehicle.....well trying to establish that new habit. Taken 4+ operations of the switch with N/S opening and O/S staying shut to get me to this stage! Never any noise with the problem like you get on worn Fiesta's which close and open automatically. ( 3 Fords in our family) Software tweaks made no difference and I think the only fix is to relace the switch and or the mirror which I assume is the only thing not tried by the dealer. Anyone else had the problem or any ideas ? Ta Bill
  8. Intro

    Hi, name is Bill and I think I was on this site long ago having spent a lot of time trying to make sense of 19" Tyre noise on my Kuga. Still got that same Kuga, which I really like, and hope to make some progress with a few other niggles.
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums Billfr :)

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