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  1. qazer5

    Mk6 Front Wheel Bearings

    I did fronts and rears on a mk6 about a month ago, the fronts had no circlip so didn't bother adding one. Also as above, the ford workshop manual has no mention of a circlip.
  2. qazer5

    Mk6 Front Wheel Bearings

    You could try and remove the clip, but hitting the flange to push the bearing back may just end up in pushing the inner race of the bearing out and buggering a new bearing.
  3. qazer5

    Mk6 Front Wheel Bearings

    A pic from elsewhere on the forum showing that the circlip isnt used :
  4. qazer5

    Mk6 Front Wheel Bearings

    iirc the fiesta doesn't use a circlip for the wheel bearing. The Mk1 Focus and Mk6 Fiesta use the same wheel bearing kit, but the circlip is only needed for the focus.
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