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  1. Whats This Pipe?

    thanks very much!
  2. Whats This Pipe?

    no its a picture I found on the internet. I think its called an intercooler air duct hose but cannot find one anywhere - I can find others but they dont look like mine. I understand the 90 bhp is thinner than the 110 bhp. The item im after is this picture too -
  3. Whats This Pipe?

    I have now found out what the pipe is - its an intercooler air duct hose. The attached picture shows my one ontop - can anyone help to advise that the one on the bottom does the same thing as mine looks different
  4. Whats This Pipe?

    Hi - thats fab.. I will have a peek
  5. Whats This Pipe?

    anyone please:)#
  6. Whats This Pipe?

    Hi All Help required - I have a hole in rubber pipe which i think its linked to the turbo. The location is shown on the photo next to the belt. The tube has a hole and I can hear it whistle when I put my foot and oil seems to spray out. Any ideas as I need to replace it (and have a go at doing it myself) Ash
  7. What Is This Pipe Called?

    Thanks James!
  8. What Is This Pipe Called?

    Hi All Does anyone know what this pipe is called??? The clip at the top appears to have snapped and i think this is causing the smell of burning oil / diesel into the car as the surrounding area is fresh of oil/ diesel. Ash
  9. Fuel Tank Cap Sensor

    hope someone can help :(
  10. Fuel Tank Cap Sensor

    my car is a 1.6 tdci 2006
  11. Fuel Tank Cap Sensor

    Hello All, I have recently had a new DPF fitted and now looking at filling up the dpf fluid as well. My friend whos doing this for me said I also need a 'FUEL TANK CAP SENSOR' / 'FUEL FILLER CAP SENSOR'. Can anyone please shed any light on what this sensor actually is. Im normally good at looking on ebay etc for parts but cant find one anywhere. Im sure theres a proper name for it. I guess its to do with the dpf system Please help - pics etc of what this sensor looks like Ash
  12. Dpf 1.6 Tdci Problem

    Martyn - if I replace the DPF with the one from ebay - would it automatically reset the cars computer to register it has a new one fitted with no blockage - or does it still need to go to the garage to have it reset? Ash
  13. Dpf 1.6 Tdci Problem

    I have found WURTH DPF PARTICLE FILTER 400ML SPRAY. Looks like the accached hose goes into the DPF sensor and sprayed in releasing the soot and ash. Any thoughts? - worth a go? £42 ebay
  14. Dpf 1.6 Tdci Problem

    On the gov website it says from Feb 2014 they will check if there is a missing DPF - If so its a failure ;/
  15. Dpf 1.6 Tdci Problem

    Oh I see - and it will be fine with an MOT ? fumes etc