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  1. Focus Mk1 Tailgate Problem

    Interesting. I have done a temp repair on the water pipe but as the weather has turned for the worse I am just going to leave the rear tailgate lock disconnected by leaving it unplugged and wrapping it up with a plastic bag and insulation tape. A friend of mine who is in the business says he will download a wiring diagram for me. Thanks for the help and suggestions I will be back when I have made more progress.
  2. Focus Mk1 Tailgate Problem

    Thanks for your comment, I have effected a reasonably waterproof repair to the split water pipe. As the weather has turned for the worst I shall leave the electrical fault until the weather gets better and I am feeling more brave. Will keep the tailgate lock disconnected and just have to use the key. Bit like the old days
  3. Focus Mk1 Tailgate Problem

    Sorry moderators I should have put this in the focus forum. I have checked the wiring loom from the car to the tailgate only thing I have found is a broken rear screen washer pipe which has been leaking down the loom but enough water spraying out of the rubber cap to reach the rear windscreen. This may be the cause of the fault or be a complete red herring. Well the fault is now hard on. On the 3 pin plug to the locking mechanism getting 12v and earth, on pin 3 seeing the 12v when the tailgate release switch is operated but when car ignition is switched on just seeing a steady 12v. The mystery thickens I suspect a nasty wire loom fault.
  4. Focus Mk1 Tailgate Problem

    HI I am a newbie to this club. I have owned a Focus mk1 for the last 5 years and it has been brilliant probably one of the best cars that I have owned and driven. It has developed a fault, the tailgate lock unlatches when the ignition is turned on I have checked the dashboard switch for sticking but that is ok I have also checked the wiring loom from the car to the tailgate for any chaffing etc but that is all clear. What puzzles me is why it locks ok until the ignition is switched on this should not cause much of voltage drop Simon
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Simon32 :)

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