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  1. Focus Problem

    Yea I guess it could need an oil filter/oil change, there's no engine management light that's come on so could that mean that it more than likely needs an oil service? The fuel filter was changed last October so that will be ok. Thanks for your advice so far guys!
  2. Focus Problem

    I have a Focus Titanium 1.8TD 07 reg, recently it's started lagging in power mainly on hills and it takes ages to build sped, the turbo seems ok as I can hear it spinning when I turn the engine off plus I do get a little turbo boost, it also jolts when I put my foot on the accelerator, iv researched the problem and ur seems to be that the EGR valve needs replacing. Ford want £102 just for a diagnostic! Has anyone had this problem! If so what were the symptoms and cost to repair? The fuel filter has recently been changed and my car doesn't have an DPF so it's not that.......
  3. Hello:-)

    Hello all, I'm new to Ford Owners Club. I have a Ford Focus Titanuim model, 1.8TD. I look forward to using this forum and interacting with other members on here:-)
  4. Problem With My Focus, Jumps When Accelerating

    I changed my fuel filter (which was filled with crap and was really mucky, I was told that 'cheap' supermarket fuel can cause this and that branded fuel such as BP & Shell is better for cars). It know runs like a dream, better acceleration, no more stuttering after 2000 revs! Bliss!
  5. Hello, recently my focus (Titanium TD1.8, 07 reg) has been jumping when accelerating quickly and climbing hills, generally starts when getting over 2500 revs and around 60mph but also at slower speeds when climbing hills. It starts jumping/spluttering and sometimes some black smoke come out the exhaust. Took it back to the garage I bought it from 10 months ago and they just said 'try changing the fuel filter'. I travel 60 miles aday to and from work on both country roads and on A303 so a mixture of speeds. Can anyone help? Has anyone been in my position? Thanks
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums FocusT2007 :)

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