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  1. Child For Lock Broken

    They are going to fix it!
  2. Child For Lock Broken

    Is slightly off at from the hole and doesn't turn at all really. I'm ring then this morning and see what they say
  3. Child For Lock Broken

    Door not sites sorry!
  4. Child For Lock Broken

    Just bought a car from independent garage and have since found some little things wrong with it which they've fixed this weekend. But today I've noticed the rear child lock on one of the sites is broken and I've got 2 small kids. Should I get them to fix it? Is it s difficult job?
  5. 55 Plate Ford Focus Bought

    The rust is on the passenger side not on the driver side. Could this still be from the aircon drain?
  6. 55 Plate Ford Focus Bought

    Just bought a second hand 55 plate ford focus. I think there are some bits missing. With the cigarette lighter should there be a lighter in it?! I assume so. Also is there anything that should be covering the hole to the left. Also in the passenger footwell this is on show. Should there b a coverover this? Also under passenger chair Ive noticed this metal rusting - should I say to them about it? Is it safe - think its just rust - could I paint it with something? Thanks in advance
  7. 2005 Ford Focus Footwells

    Ok great thanks
  8. 2005 Ford Focus Footwells

    Hi. Ive just bought and due to pick up Saturday a 55 plate Ford Focus Zetec. When looking around the interior of the car we noticed that there was no trim/carpet etc under the dashboard on driver and passenger sides of the footwell. You have to get into the footwell to notice it but the guy from the garage said that this is how all focuses are. Im querying this as theres a hole that doesnt look right as if some sort of trim or material should by placed there. And surely you dont have the wires etc on show?! Can anyone help? Ive asked a ford garage, who very unhelpfully said bring it in when youve got it and we'll have a look. Not what I thought they would say and Id rather it was sorted before I picked it up or at least could say to them about it when picking it up. By the way its not aford garage theat Ive bought it from and I cannot find any info on the web. Thanks in advance
  9. Welcome to the Ford forums naglefocus :)

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