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  1. Galaxy Electric Windows

    Slightly different question on electric mirrors. I've got one that's completely broken off and needs replacing and if I remember correctly that the mk2 electric mirror will also fit on the mk1 and that the mk2.5 changed from an 8 pin connector to a 16 pin one?
  2. Central Locking Only Opening One Door

    Thanks bud! Thats excellent! Much obligied!
  3. Central Locking Only Opening One Door

    Thats exactly what I could have done as I sat on my keys at work the other day and someone said to me sat next to my vehicle why is it locking and unlocking! How do I go about re-enabling this?
  4. Central Locking Only Opening One Door

    Yes it does, possibly 3 or 4 times sometimes and it eventually opens
  5. Hi all All of a sudden my car has developed a little fault of when I push the button on my key to unlock the car, it only unlocks the drivers door, which is never did before! Any one got any ideas??? Many thanks Alan
  6. Was there ever a solid bulk head designed for the mk6 escort van or have you got to make one yourself?
  7. No chance of fitting that....I only wanted more mpg if it was worth while! Thanks for all the feedback. Have been toying with the idea of getting a diesel though.......
  8. Problem With Instrument Cluster

    I have found a specialist who can solder this unit for me here in Oxford where I live. It is going in Weds morning. Will let all know how it goes and what he did.
  9. My old man's lock barrels have packed up in both front doors. Now I need to get them replaced, but don't want an entire lock set, and don't want to use secondhand ones as there is no guarantee they don't pack up as well 3 months down the line. I am not replacing the ignition barrel, nor the boot, only the front doors. I know this will involve carrying two keys, one for ignition and boot, and the other for the new door locks. Trouble is I can only find new barrels for manual locking, and this one is central locking! I believe I need the command ring???? Where from do I get these? Many thanks Alan
  10. Hi all I have been told you can get more mpg when remapping, but just wondering if I could have some feedback on other peoples' thought's or whether it's a ' no point whatsoever doing a 1.4' reply! Would it give it a bit more oomph too? I have been told there are about 3 or 4 different options of having this done, at varying prices. Any help greatly appreciated. Many thanks Alan
  11. Problem With Instrument Cluster

    So it's a bit of a mission by the sound of it! How do I go about soldering these bad joints considering I have no idea how to solder? How do you find bad solders?
  12. Problem With Instrument Cluster

    So if the instrument cluster is defective, how easy is it to get to changed for another secondhand one bearing in mind you have to re-programme the immobilser which is within the cluster i am led to believe? It's just when it comes to electronics and re-soldering it's something I was hopeless at school doing well!
  13. Problem With Instrument Cluster

    Is it possible to change the black backing behind the dials to any other colours and also can you change the bulbs themselves? Some are getting rather dim! Is it possible to change the colour of the bulbs if you can change them?
  14. Problem With Instrument Cluster

    Thanks George. I have no idea why I put down as a mk3 when I know it's a mk2!
  15. Problem With Instrument Cluster

    Hi all again Right, I have been doing some digging, and I have found other people having the same problems. I have ascertained that the D900 code is a communication error between my dash and the car. I have also ascertained what E197 and E200 mean. I have also ascertained that the flashing red light between the fuel and temp gauges is the immobilser. Now, when I am driving down the road, my dash completely lights up, yet if I tap the top of it is all comes back to life again, except it's in limp home mode. sometimes I will tap it and it all comes back but the red light between temp and fuel guage is flashing like crazy! Also sometimes when you go to start it won't because the dash is lit up yet again if you turn key off, tap top of dash and go to start again it will. How do I go about getting this fixed? Is it the instrument cluster itself? I'm a bit lost now!