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  1. Help! Fiesta Mk7 Headlight Bulbs!

    First pic is with only sidelights on and the other is with sidelights and dipped beam on, I'm sure you can tell the difference! Also fitted some red smd leds in the footwell too to match the ambient lighting :)
  2. Help! Fiesta Mk7 Headlight Bulbs!

    Might look a little blue in the pic but in real life they're not as blue as everyone makes out! A nice bright white light with a blue tinge! Perfect! I fitted some w5w smd leds for the sidelights too and they're super bright! Hope you like!
  3. Help! Fiesta Mk7 Headlight Bulbs!

    So the Diamond Visions came! Will hopefully get some pics up on here soon! Next up I was thinking of getting the heko or climair wind deflectors but I have a 5dr. Will they look just as good on a 5dr or a bit dodgy? Any pics available on 5drs?
  4. Help! Fiesta Mk7 Headlight Bulbs!

    Brilliant! Thanks guys! Think I'm edging for the Philips DiamondVisions then! As long as I won't be pulled over or atleast I won't be getting any points or fine if they did! I'm 19 and my insurance would go through the roof! Just waiting on any pics of the blue vision ultra if anyone has them fitted so I can compare and maybe go for a legal pair! Cheers!
  5. Help! Fiesta Mk7 Headlight Bulbs!

    Thanks! Well I'm looking more for style tbh and don't mind compensating the lights throw. I am tempted to risk the DiamondVisions but what's the likeliness of getting pulled and what would happen if they did? Are the BlueVision Ultras a good alternative and has anybody fitted these with pics that would be a great help! Thanks in advance :)
  6. So I have just fitted some xenon white dipped beam and sidelight bulbs from eBay and don't get me wrong they look bright in the dark but nowhere near that of HIDs. I just want some help to find the BRIGHTEST bulbs that can be a straight swap (and road legal of course) that most new Mercedes and BMWs have or at least something very close to that! The ones I have are bright white but I want something with much more of a blue tint to it and people will think WOW when seeing them! I see lots of people recommending the Philips blue vision ultras but are these even brighter and have a good blue tint to them? All advice welcome! Thanks! :)
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums Kiran416 :)

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