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  1. 16" is NOT the way to go on the new Fiesta, even my 17´s look small on mine. I regret not going for 18´s while I was at it. The car won´t feel slower however if you´re going for wide rims, your mileage will go down.
  2. 1st. car was a Ford Fiesta 1,1(1978) 2nd. car was a Ford Escort 1,1(1983) 3rd. car was a Ford Escort 1,6(1986) 4th. car was a Ford Escort 1,1(1984) 5th. car was a Ford Escort 1,3(1989) 6th. car was a Ford Escort 1,6 turbo(1988) 7th. car was a VW Polo(1993) what a piece of crap that was. 8th. car was a Ford Escort 1,6(1996) 9th. car was a Ford Sierra 2,0GT(1993) Why I chose a Ford Fiesta 1,4Tdci as my 10th. car....... ´Ford is the only thing for me. :P Never ever have I had a breakdown in a Ford, never had ANY problems with any of them. Just good reliable cars, that´s why.
  3. No problems with mine so far. Only trouble are the people who want´s to talk about it, try to sit in it, try out the voice control, tell me how great it looks, and so on. I hope I´m not alone with these "problems"? ;)
  4. Sure, as you´re not living in my neighbourhood. Blackish headlights
  5. I have found the headlights in black, but can´t seems to find any rear ones. Got a link?
  6. Yeah, they are 17", they look a lot smaller than I would have thought. But they are OZ Cronos with 205/40
  7. No doubt about that. But only a "grandpa" lowering, I think it´ll rub if I go mad with the lowering. But sits much better on the road, and just as comfortable as before. :P
  8. I´m becomming a member of the local 4x4 club. Now I´m looking for some lowering springs, have to get her waxoiled, desperately want those black headlights, searcing for some black rear lights and and and and....... Damn this hobby is getting expensive.
  9. I know, this being Denmark, I´m far away from you lot. Except for the dealers demo cars, I have only seen 2 other Fiesta´s for the last 6 weeks. One was Frozen white the other Blueish/greenish. Lucky me, the Fiesta is a fairly expensive car over here. :P
  10. Hi, thanks for the answer. Yeah, it´s for the 2009. Just had a mate over in his...... Grande Punto, he had just fitted some 18inch, and it did look very good. A quick measure showed that they should fit on the Fester, but just want to be absolutely sure before I order them. Why do you think 17" is the biggest possible to fit? Here she is:
  11. Hi there. I´m in the process of buying some alloys for my little baby Fiesta. What are the biggest wheels I can fit, without having to cut or do anything stupid to the car? Í´m also thinking of lowering it by 35mm, so the wheels need to fit without scrubbing when turning and so. Please help.
  12. Super guide. I have already bought the sub and amplifier, but it´s currently living in the living room because I didn´t know how do get a linesignal from the head unit. Thanks for your help, just need a stif drink before I´ll start ruining my baby Fiesta. :o)
  13. Listening to Leonard Cohen.... The new live one from the O2 in London. Other than that, Theory of a dead man - Hate my life. Volume is stuck between 18 - 22 on my wonderful new Fiesta with it´s very nice black tinted windows. Damn nice.
  14. Zakken

    MP3 CD

    Having the same problem on mine. Skips when playing the last 3 or 4 albums. It gets so annoying that I just don´t listen to the full cd. Anyone knows what to do here?
  15. Mine is using 4,3liters per 100km. Something like 52Mpg