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  1. Hi guys. My car has been making an odd noise when I turn it off. It's almost like a squeaky pump that does about 3 pumps and then stops. It's the 1.5 diesel, and has 48K miles on it. It has FSH. It's always done it and I just assumed it was related to the engine switching off. Recently though I've realised that it does this if I turn the ignition on but don't start the engine, and then turn it off. Any ideas? Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  2. I find that the Fiesta over estimates the mpg by about 5-8mpg. Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  3. Is that 71.4 mpg indicated or measured? That's really good. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  4. I have the 2013 1.5 diesel. My average is around 62mpg. But then again I sit on the motorway with the cruise control set at 60. I've had it as high as 69 and lowest normal was 57. Sent from my iPad using Ford OC
  5. Copy Music To Usb Stick

    Don't get rid of the track numbers! Your tracks will never play in order then! This isn't an Apple thing, it's standard for all mp3 files. They all have 'tags' for artist, song title, track number etc. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  6. Copy Music To Usb Stick

    Actually thinking about it, iTunes will put the track number in the file name but not the track name. When selecting music in the car do you browse the folder structure or do you browse through artist? If browsing through the folders it will show the track number as it is displaying the file name rather than the track name/mp3 tag name (I think), if browsing through artist it shouldn't. This is all dependant on your mp3 files having correct mp3 tags. In iTunes right click one if your songs and select 'Get info'. You should see all the tags that the track has, whatever is in the track name is what should be displayed in the car.
  7. Copy Music To Usb Stick

    I prefer Tag&Rename, although not free. It's odd that iTunes puts track numbers on your files, mine doesn't.
  8. I also play back from a hard drive, I don't understand why yours play in alphabetical order though. Mine play in track order. Do you have the track number in the MP3 tag? I've got my Fiesta going in for a stereo related issue next month - the steering wheel control only works intermitantly. I'll see if they can update me at the same time as the non track list display over Bluetooth annoys me. I know it can be done, we just need the update!
  9. Cup Holder / Coin Holder Accessory

    My may registered car (titanium spec) doesn't have that either. I did notice from your picture though that your cup holder is smooth on the inside and doesn't have the springy bits inside to hold the cup/can. Maybe this is why yours needs the middle bit with the flaps on? I'll take a pic to show you what I mean.
  10. Bluetooth???

    What I meant was if you choose bluetooth on the car stereo, and the phone starts playing over bluetooth if you then switch to USB on the car stereo the phone still tries to output over bluetooth even though the car is expecting USB input. Net result is you get the song details on the screen but no sound. Or the other way round as in your example, if you start on USB and then switch to bleutooth in the car it won't play over bluetooth until you change it on the phone control centre. This is where you have to go into control centre on the phone and change it. Or maybe it's only my car/phone combination that does this! It's tough to explain, but a lot easier to demonstrate in the car.
  11. 2004 Fiesta Tdci Cold Start Problems

    Yes, it started fine in the summer but when it started to get cold it would take longer and longer to start. I'd had enough by the second winter so fitted the glow plugs myself. Easy job and it made so much difference to starting on cold mornings!
  12. 2004 Fiesta Tdci Cold Start Problems

    When I had a Mondeo Diesel the glow plugs were worn out, and the car took ages to start in the winter. I mentioned this to the garage when it was being serviced and they were adamant that the glow plugs were fine, and that the air filter housing was at fault. £20 later and an hour of my time later and the newly fitted glow plugs started the car first time every time. I often think mechanics try to make bigger jobs out of the little things.
  13. Bluetooth???

    I had an issue with bluetooth/USB on my Fiesta and iPhone. When you first start playing on bluetooth or USB, the phone selects that device as an output. If you then switch to the other, you have to select it on your phone as well. Are you doing this? Are you on iOS 7? If so open your control centre on the phone by swiping up from the lock screen and just below the play/rewind controls there will be a box that says airplay. Click that and it will give you the option of playing through bluetooth or the dock connector.
  14. Newbie Here

    Hi guys. I always look to forums whenever I buy a new car so I can pick up on any tips or for help if I have problems, and now I'm back in the Ford gang so here I am! Just got a 13 plate Fiesta Titanium, and can't wait until I pick it up on Monday. Mike
  15. Welcome to the Ford forums funkyg :)

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