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  1. yup hes decided to try and get an rs engine where is the best place to look and the cheapest?
  2. would it be possible to put a turbo on top of the engine in where the intake pipe pipes come in on top of the engine. and would it be possible to upgrade the trottle body
  3. dont think so yet. he has asked me if about keeping the 1.8 gearbox just attaching it to the 2.0l would there be a problem in that or would it be to change the gear and drive shafts
  4. i think he said hes gonna do a few engine upgrades ill have to see when it comes to doing this
  5. 1.8l engine is fine it runs great he just wants something abit quicker in it. he also wants to do a remap aswell when the 2.0l engine has been put in
  6. i am doing a project for some one they have a mk1 1.8 zetec focus and they are planning on putting a 2.0l duratec engine in. are there any little differences in them. are the engine mounts the same or there some differences
  7. im fitting an alternator to a 2000 1.6 ford focus next week for a friend. now i haven't fitted one before is there a guide atall?
  8. im not sure ill have a look when i break another ford focus. i just the drivers side window motor and ive had someone ask for one. what is so popular about people wanting the front wings the bonnet and the front bumper and alloys on these. ive had nearly ten people asking for all these and ive only had the one focus, well ive had 2 but one was a shell with plenty of parts left on it that i bought for £50
  9. if i take the window motor of the passenger side front will i be able to fit it to the drivers side regulator?
  10. im unsure of the price for one. i think it should slide of. best to talk to you local dealer for a price
  11. you most likely can pick it up from the ford dealership. that is the gear linkage. best to replace the rubber joint it should solve the problem. is there much ware on the metal ball atall and is there much ware on the rubber joint?
  12. check the tracking as it might be out slightly. might be out a fraction out just to cause the steering to rumble at high speed but not enough to feel it at low speed.
  13. all makes sense thanks for that ill make sure there all in right order tomorrow
  14. £10 for the motor and £10 for postage. if you want i can refurbish it for you before sending it out. i no its definitely working last time i checked. i also have an alternator for £15 good condition fully working.